Friday, June 15, 2007

A Funny List

Here's a funny list of things I thought of last night:

Medication for Sid to stop peeing in her sleep
the Dentist
running shoes and a new bathing suit
new underwear for everybody
printing the pictures I've taken...all 2500 of them...
cement pavers by the pool
new old ones have developed a hole in the thigh...yikes
piano lessons for the kids
taking a drive without feeling guilty for wasting gas...
fresh fruit and veggies from the farmer's market...

Some things I would do with a little extra money...

What would you do with a little extra?


klasieprof said...

Buy 10 bottles of wine..and store them in my cooler
socks for everyone
undies for hub
LACE undies for me
radio collar for above dog
a "real" massage table
a car in from the 2000's
stock up on groceries..we are about out..I HATE that
pay off my friend's house
Money in my Foundation
Trip to Russia
One GOOD suit for me..not Polyester
Small backyard pool
send kids to camp
subscribe to book club
yah..too bad I haven't thought about

sara said...

i would by Jacob's cd..

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