Wednesday, May 16, 2007

This blog is de-lish...

Found this link on Amy's blog and can't get enough of, stories, recipes,'s all yummy.


Amber said...


I have a present for you... you're gonna LOVE it!

Here's a hint: it's something you collect. :)

See you Sunday!

Heidi said...

Ooohhhh me likey... just added this one to my favorites list!

ness said...

Amber...can't wait!!!!

Heidi...her humiliation chronicles alone are a hoot.

Amy said...

I feel that I have to giv CRED to Tammi--she turned me onto this blog...I think it's in her favs list?!?

You MUST be a Rachel Ray fan. De-lish drives me nuts, as well as, Yum-o! but I still like her show. Oh yeah, and her recipes.

BTW, the tile nippers...expensive? I need some. My VERY artistic child was carrying his present to me on Mom's Day (painted terrcotta pot), after church and dropped it and broke it. He was totally deflated but I convinced him we could break it into small pieces and make something even more grand. He perked up at this new and exciting opportunity. Now, I just need to get my hands on some tile nippers! Hobby Lobby, Michaels, tell!

ness said...

Amy, I think they come from Walmart...or any of the other places you mentioned...and i don't think they are expensive. They are a bit tricky on some shapes and I got a major blister from overuse, but they are a little more controlled than the hammer method.

Not a RR fan at all...must have heard "de-lish" from somebody else who hates that!

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