Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Wow...this is cool...

So I had been wondering a bit if I really should continue with eBay or if I should try to get a real job. I prayed about it a while ago, and I've explained to Robb that it has grown pretty frustrating at iMac is getting older and is very clogged with lots of photos and such, but the worst part is how uncompatible ebay is with Apples...which is rediculous, but true. I had been using a program I bought about 9 months ago to create my listings, but it is insanely slow and tends to lock up completely if I attempt to use Firefox or iTunes at the same time...which has led to a pretty boring work time that I tend to dread between having no music to listen to and being force to use a browser I hate...Safari (Safari and Ebay are like Jews and Samaritans).

Throw in the fact that I had no forseeable cash to buy stock, and I was getting pretty discouraged.

So the tax money came and there is plenty there to invest in stock.

Then Aaron's sister was getting rid of a Dell laptop she doesn't use...for free...SO my price. Although I am the third owner, it is working great and is so comfortable for me. I've never been a desk person and I feel so much more creative sitting on the floor or on the couch while I write descriptions. I'm getting used to PC's again and have to laugh at how much they are like the commercials, but so far, it is working and that's what I care about the most.

And then to top it all off, I stumbled across a wonderful listing service called Auctiva. Because it is web-based, I can work at in on either computer. It is totally free and combines all the elements I had been using in the past together in one picture hosting and free scheduling and design templates. The only thing it lacks that I have found so far is free counters. It is a little tough learning a whole new process to list, but I have to say, it was really kind of fun adding all the sharp elements I have been seeing for a while in other people's listings, wondering how they got them to look so good. My favorite element is a scrolling picture flashplayer that shows all of my items for sale in every listing...I can already see the watcher numbers going up on my listings.

I had a hard time finding much conversation about using Auctiva on message boards at ebay, but I think that is because the people using Auctiva are listing instead of hanging around on the message boards complaining like most of the other people there.

While there are some things I am still dragging my feet on, like the awkward bulk picture loading, I am a little bit proud of myself for not getting so stuck in my ways that I can't try something new. Which is in sharp contrast to the people who are currently putting out a petition to ebay to keep Turbolister 1 from extinction because they are too brittle to get used to the improved version. (Turbolister, btw, is eBay's own bulk listing service, which frankly, sucks...but hey, they came up with one good idea, you can't really expect them to do everything well...)

So I apologize for the technical stuff, but just click on the link to see how great my new listings look...all made from the comfort of my squooshy chair. Now excuse me while I go delete Turbolister from my new laptop.


tammi said...

I have no idea about how all that ebay stuff works (it's takes me about an hour to list one blasted thing on ebay, hence why I've only done it twice) but I say NO WAY to quitting the ebay thing!! What a fun job!

You're a treasure hunter-- you comb your city and neighborhoods to look for rare entities that only your experienced eye can distinguish the potential value in. The mundanity of a "regular" job would bore you to tears and leave you miserable. Stick with what you like - and you're changing things up to keep it interesting for you, which is important to keep you happy doing what you love. Sounds like a good way to make a living to me.

Heidi said...

I always wondered how people made those things look so cool! Thanks for the tip...not that I've been into ebaying lately. My brain just can't juggle all that stuff on top of regular household duties.

ness said... are right...i would be bored to tears with a 9-5....but the voice in my head says I'm just a lazy bum. ; ) gotta check it out if you list more stamping stuff..the scrolling window alone is AWESOME!

I'm having fun again.

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