Saturday, April 14, 2007

Neosho Mo

We drove up to a little town called Neosho, Missouri today to see what their 19th annual town-wide garage sales would be like....despite absolutely miserable weather-freezing cold and bone-chilling rain, it was GREAT. The kids watched a movie on Robb's computer and He and I had a little taste of how fun it used to be to hit the sales together. He is so humble, really, just carrying whatever I hand him, from awkward paintings to bags of woolly sweaters. He used to raise an eyebrow and ask, "REALLY?" to the stuff I bought, but he has begun to simply trust my judgment. The only "REALLY?" I remember him demanding today was the sign on a rack of hanging clothes in a garage that read..."Clothes not for sale.", there were two...the next sale had a half used package of DEPENDS for sale.


Still not sure what my best pick of the day was, but it might be the bakelite 7-up Dice.

Favorite seller was the lady that said, "I'm only asking a quarter for that little vase, but I betcha it's worth some 2 or 3 at least!"

For me, the road to a better place has some garage sales on the way.

And here are some pics for your amusement...


Robb said...

Not responsible for accidents.

Darla said...

ooohhh... i love those rusty numbers, 7, 5, 3.... how much you asking for those???


Darla said...

ha! now looking back at the picture, i just assumed that was a 5... it looks like a 5....

Amber said...

Is that all the stuff you got?! Wow! I bet you're gonna do well on ebay with that stuff!

ness said...

It is actually a 5 Darla...there were a big stack of them and I just told Robb to pick some fun ones...they have other numbers on the back too...
but I like them so much myself, i don't know if I can part with them.

Have since learned to buy the whole stack of them in the future!!!

oh, yeah, Amber...good times!

What DOES "Not responsible for accidents mean?"

is is like, "you break it, you buy it?" or "please don't sue me if you reach into that scary box and get a near-fatal brown recluse spider bite?"

ash said...

did you check that old suitcase for a mummified baby? did you hear about that story in my city?

a lady's cleaning out her recently deceased parent's storage unit, opens an old suitcase, inside another suitcase, and finds a mummified baby wrapped in newspapers from the 50's.... i'll never buy an old suitcase again!


p.s. keep the friends dvds!

courtney said...

I'm diggin' those lamps, actualy. Looks like you hit some good stuff--good job!

Amy said...

The black lunchbox reminds me of my dad's from a long time ago...PBJ, with not too much PB but alot of J.

Have a link for you.

I'm from Missouri, family members visit Neosho ALL THE TIME; never been there myself...looks fun?

ness said...

Hey Amy! Where in MO?

As a prof of mine used to say about their favorite restaurant,

Neosho "is a dive, but we like it."

ness said...

Love the T!

I stumbled across a blog along those lines recently too...good for some real laughs.

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