Wednesday, April 04, 2007


I really should be quicker to post good news and answers to prayer, but they come in such unexpected packaging that I, in my half-blind state, take a little while to recognize what they are.

I have been for some months now, working myself into a knot of anxiety over the fact that we had no forseeable money to buy new ebay stock. It is the season of sales now, when I generally head out every weekend on my treasure hunting ventures...Now three or four of those weeks have passed and I have refused to even read the paper for fear of seeing a glorious estate sale that I couldn't buy anything from.

And of course, no stocky, no money.

And thus the fractious terror...

The short answer is that hubby did the taxes and I'll be able to use part of the return to restock. "There art thou happy."

Some of my seeds that I planted last week are popping up...and while some of them got smashed into dust by a certain 2-soon-to-be-three-year-old-with-a-fascination-with-things-mummy-said-not-to-touch...others
are promising to grow up strong and lovely...including the handfuls of morning glory seeds I sowed from last year's seed pods. "There are thou happy too."

I did go to an estate sale on Saturday that we "happened" to find while doing errands. I had about four dollars, most in quarters, left from my garage sale stash. It was an odd sale, but all the clothes...most of which were new with good makers...were marked a quarter each. I emerged with 16 items, one of which made by a famous 70's designer who was a favorite of Goldie Hawn...and her clothes are highly prized by collectors. "There are thou happy."

Good news.

Now somebody guess where the quotations come from.


ash said...

friar lawrence...romeo and juliet : )
i had to bite since no one else was....
poor dead tybalt...

ness said...


I love that play.

courtney said...

wonder why? I still have your shirt from it...and what? no comment on poor dead tybalt? that was hysterical!

Amber said...

speaking of estate sales... Ness, there's an estate sale today, tomorrow and sunday. It's on Berry street, here in Fayetteville. Take wedington; turn east (or left, over the overpass); first stop light is Sang; then follow all the orange signs!

Hope you have fun!!

Amber said...

forgot to say that you turn right (or south) onto Sang!

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