Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Couple of weird days in a row...

I just need to say that the last couple of days have been really out of the ordinary...I guess it is the changes we are implementing in this household (see upcoming posts), but it might just be the way life swirls around like the water in the toilet bowl...

I spent 3.5 hours yesterday in a dirty waiting room with 3 year old in tow, watching the Midas guys put my car up on the rack, take it down, put it up, take it down, put it up...Charleigh actually freaked out completely, wailing in terror, "Those guys got our car! I want my Daddy!" I actually had to call Robb to have him tell her it was okay. I needed to call him later to have him tell me the same thing...new brakes and three hundred dollars later, the car shimmies violently for inexplicable reasons and is therefore, back on the rack today.

I commenced to buying groceries in the afternoon, only to forget for the 8 millionth time to buy stamps. Buying stamps at the grocery store is really nice and convenient, but it would be good to put up a nice big flashing sign that says, "Did you want stamps with that cartload of groceries?"

And like Tammi, I too found myself in the toiletries aisle, deeply pondering the benefits of wings, no wings, scented, unscented, long, short, tall, round, pearly, with wipes, without wipes....which was only exascerbated by my handful of coupons. Despite my ALWAYS (ha ha)careful choosing, I came home last time with things that folded smaller than a post-it note and unfolded and inflated to something like a raft. Helpful, really. Don't they realize that if you need those products, you are probably so BEYOND making a decision that you would just as soon stand there and weep uncontrollably over your inability to locate the correct product?

Woke up this morning and put the following items out by the curb:

income tax payment to state of AR
final car payment (note irony of paying off car that is in shop)
expensive prom dress
inexpensive silverware
and a hat destined for London.

Okay, so not by the curb for the garbage men, but by the curb for the mailman. Mail-Dude...I implore you...don't bonk...that's big stuff I set out for you to take care of.

We have small group tonight for the first time. The last time we started the 40 Days of Purpose...the power went out. This time, the Theater Manager overslept by nearly 1.5 hours. The last time we were about to start our small group, Mattie split her head open on my great grandma's antique music stand. Wonder what's up tonight? I thought we were destined for another bout of strep with Vin, but he assured me this morning that his throat felt much better. I surely hope so.

Well now that I have the metallic tast of irony out of my mouth, I guess I'd better get some work done. More blogging to come of a more thoughtful nature. Won't that be nice?


sara said...

Yeah, it has indeed been a couple of weird days.

bfkdndf-what i say during 'one of those days'

Heidi said...

Congrats on paying off the car... its such a nice feeling isn't it. Have had the same thing happen btw.

Robb said...



A said...

Seriously agree.

ness said...

aw...grow up.

courtney said...

what a bunch of babies...
Okay, totally can commiserate on the feminine product dilemna. I'm have brain dead by the time I get to the store anyways so standing there staring at similarly-marked products makes my eyes hurt.
congrats on paying off the car--that's got to be a nice feeling! Our refund is going to the "maybe I'll quit my job today" fund. We've gotten some really good news lately for Ron for the summer so I've been daydreaming about finding a new job.

skktvbkm-latest Swedish craze

Robb said...

It's not the we wouldn't still read the post. It's just that we wouldn't freak out so badly when we do. I was physically shaken when I read that post.

tammi said...

*roll eyes*

I've got Prep H on my grocery list for this week. How's THAT for explicit content?

vogja - what I utter, every pregnancy, when the iron in my prenatals wreaks havoc on the plumbing.

akr said...

We just started the 40 days too...I'm hoping it will be a blessing to our people (quite a few of them older) and it will allow us all to connect more.

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