Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Will Pee for Makeup

I was not motivated enough to fight Charleigh on the whole potty-training front while the weather was still warm. But lately, she has been asking to go, enjoying the "yeah Charleigh's" and showing other signs of compliance to this idea. So after reading Heidi's post about her daughter's makeup, I had an inspiration: I told Charleigh she could have makeup every time she went potty. She loves to stand and watch me in the bathroom while I get ready, and like her sister (and brother!) before her, she always asks for some, and I usually give them a dab of chapstick or powder. This is working like magic. She didn't even wet her bed during naptime (okay, she peed when she stood up next to her bed, but I'll take it!) I promised her I would paint her nails if she stayed dry at night....I'll keep you posted.


Darla said...

i love this... so great. how did it go??????? i hope charleigh has bright red nails today! :-)

ugidhb - what i say every time i forget to put that stupid code in when posting my comment.... ugidhb!!!

tammi said...

great idea - too bad it doesn't work on little boys.
I've been unsuccessfully taking baby steps toward potty training AJ to no avail. Even after promising CARS, trips to the park, new big boy underwear.....he just says, "no...i jus tinkle in my unda-wares--- ok??"


Maybe i WILL try the makeup thing with him after all....

Anonymous said...

I had boy potty problems not too long ago. We threw a potty party which was a big hit. The one thing that really helped him turn the corner was when his dad took him outside and let him pee on the fence. Go figure! So for a while whenever he had to go I had to take him outside (even though it was getting cold). Now he is a champ at doing it in the toilet.

ness said...

I think there is something about finding something they find amazing...but it seems to get harder with every kid!

I got her up twice in the night to go, but she still had a little puddle, so I broke down and put on the diaper from 2:00 a.m. til morning. I'm not sure she has the physiology to make it through the night (she's really so little), but I may try a couple more nights just to see.

The truth is, she's probably ready, but I'm not sure I am...she's the only kid I will shop with because she doesn't stop me fifteen times to go potty.

Anonymous said...

O.K. scratch the potty pro. I just got done cleaning up the entire bathroom because of a potty mistake. I'll say he's at the intermediate level.

Ness, you should tell her that she can put on her own make up and then post pictures so we can laugh so hard we hurt ourselves = )

I don't blame you for not wanting to have another one to take to public restrooms. Jesse will go potty every ten minutes some times. And I have a serious phobia of public bathrooms!

tammi said...

How old is she?
I'm a total potty-trainer failure compared to my SIL, who had all of her 3 children trained by the time they were 2.5 - at the LATEST.

With owen, I just waited until he was 3 and when i thought he was ready. it took him 1 day to get it down pat. I think i'll do that with AJ too. I'll take diaper changes over poopy damp underwear any day.

ness said...

she's two, will be three in April. The other two were trained by 2.5 at the latest, but they are different kids. Chuck is small and more headstrong, so I figure, whatever she wants to do is fine by me.

today, that meant wearing underpants, staying dry during naptime, but pooping in her diaper this morning...As long as she's trained by kindergarten, I'm good. Thank goodness for Oxyclean. sorry. A's wife works for Clorox keeps me hooked up with those throw-away wipes!

courtney said...

potty training is in the air, I see. Dora wanted to sit on the potty most of last night and we did but nothing happened. She absolutely hates underwear--it freaks her out even though I showed her that Daddy and I both wear it. Stickers mean nothing. Candy means nothing. Playdough means nothing. Maybe the make-up would work; I'm seriously considering it since I really do need to get her trained before the end of summer. We finally checked out the daycare down the street but she's got to be trained so...I feel like a new-mom-failure at this so I'm so happy to hear that you pro's out there have difficulties with it too

ness said...

Just don't expect it to be one of those things where she just decides and never has an accident. She's not that kind of kid and most aren't. Basically plan to follow her around for days, clean up a lot of pee, never complain about the mistakes and go HOG WILD over any success, including, but not limited to getting three drops in the potty after you catch her start going in the living room, pick her up and carry her to the potty, and put her on it as the pee runs down YOUR leg.

once you start, just don't give up.

courtney said...

thanks, Sis! It's so wonderful that you've gone through all of this first 'cause sometimes I think maybe I'm totally out of my league.
One funny thing, though; Dora has decided that she likes talking on the phone so Ron was taking her on a little trip to Meadville today to go get our acquarium and called to check in then put Dora on. Nothing better in the world than hearing that little voice "Hi, Mommy! Daddy got chickin' nuggets for me. I love you." I'm a puddle of happiness.

Anonymous said...

my word verification: dlfnakk

now, court, if you could just get that puddle of happiness into the potty.

klasieprof said...

a Friend of mine gave pennies t her kid and it worked like a charm.
The kid understood MONEY, she had some things around that she put in a bin, and let her child buy them after accrual of X "monies".

Tsgszg: cousin of the TEEStIE fly

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