Monday, January 08, 2007


Okay, so my kids don't go back to school til tomorrow, but I actually got up this morning and packed hubby's lunch instead of rolling over with a groan when the alarm went off. I have a to-do list a mile long and I'm feeling that White Rabbit urgency that I will indeed to be late to a very important date...

make hubby's birthday cake -The late Doryce Kinley's Red Velvet Cake and frosting from scratch- and birthday dinner-marinated pork roast, mashed potatos and fresh spinach salad- wrap presents, clean the house, and oh, yeah, I will probably try to shower and be dressed in something other than pajamas.

crank up the ebay machine

mend some pants for the kids (they keep trashing the knees in their jeans)

mail the letters I wrote this weekend

get the kids ready for school tomorrow

finish the load of laundry I washed three days ago (yeah, that'll need another go around....)

There...I just multi-tasked: I blogged AND made my list.


courtney said...

Please tell Robb we wish him a happy birthday!! Ron went back to class today and I was at work last night so we are now into the second half of Year One. It was a great break though. Your kids had a nice long break! That's cool (or is it?)

Mom said...

Ness.....tell Robb his card is in the mail.....we've kinda been on vacation, too.....forgot that there was a town to go and shop for birthday cards....I should probably have just hand made him one, although I don't think he would have appreciated a birthday card from his mother-in-law made out of say...popsicle sticks or better yet uncooked macaroni....I read your list and it fired me up....let the organization begin.....sideline question?....did I send you e-mail addresses for MaryAnn's boys....I need Justins....he brought us up a couple of huge pieces of raspberry cheesecake and we want to send him a an email thank you. Love ya Mom

zrtlssdx....a drunk saying fiddlesticks

klasieprof said... started last Weds, and I went back a couple hours. Two days, gave away a 2 weeks old baby, tried to talk a 19 yr old into HAVING her baby and not aborting (But Donna..WHY do I need permission to give it up for adoption when I don't need it to get an abortion), 3 other kids removed, and a trip to Russia.
Dance and all activities resume this week, I teach Parenting classes 2 x a week for next 4 or 5 weeks, work, Tae quon do, Commuting, being sick...
Dang..I feel tired!
eiihblc: the burp an alcoholic makes

courtney said...

donna, you're making most of us feel exhausted! Thanks for being so dedicated though; it must be pretty frustrating sometimes. did you say a trip to Russia???

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