Saturday, December 02, 2006

Something I've wondered about for a long time...

You know those lousy banner ads that are on everything?

You know the one for

You know the dark-haired girl in the middle?


'cause it looks just like her!

Can anybody get a hold of Maplewood's yearbook from like...1989 or 90?

That's gotta be her...don't you think?


courtney said...

No, it's not Cindy. I don't mean this to be rude because I really like Cindy and I think she's great but you know how her face was, like, concave? So, no, it's not her. I hate that classmate thing--there have been two people who have "found" me after highschool an-boy! did I ever not want to be found by them.

A said...

Yes, Cindy did have a concave face. And I think that picture you identified was from my high school. Probably not, but I think they very successfully found pics that look like someone we ALL went to high school with.

courtney said...

I definately didn't go to school with those other two girls--they've got bridge-n-tunnel hair. Ness, you might have gone to school with them :)

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