Wednesday, October 04, 2006

a perfect day for a walk











Elizabeth said...

She looks like a doll :)

courtney said...

I can't believe how long Chuck's hair is!! Dora's growing like a weed but her hair is still pretty short and I wish it would grow out some (although she's still doing better than her momma).
glad we finally got to talk...Ron tried calling more than I thought and was starting to worry! lol poor guy, someday he's just gonna have to learn we girls can gab

tammi said...

What a pretty location! I'm love'n that red bridge - looks like a good spot for some portraits. :) Where do you live again? Arkansas? Alabama?

Actually, I know it's in The South. So does the actual state really matter?

And I'm allowed to say that now since I live in south Georgia. :)

A said...

The very top one, and the second from the bottom need to be on the Vintage website in the Children's ministry area.

ness said...

yup...she's 50 percent hair and 50 percent attitude!

Tammi...northwest arkansas is really a stunningly beautiful place to live (although I would cheerfully eat dirt to live on the farm in some of your pics). That bridge goes over a really deep gully and you'd be there daily cathching all the different aspects of it.

Yeah, A...I could just sit looking at a couple of those all the time.

This is really a happy place for me. I always feel better there.

Darla said...

so sweet.... thanks for sharing your pictures with us... i love it.

akr said... cute! are welcome to come antiquing in the Adirondacks any time!!! I am excited about the possibility of new treasures.

Oh, and I finally found that resource about woman and moving. The ladie's name is Susan Miller and her ministry is called NEW ministries Inc. and the website is She also has a great book called "After the Boxes are Unpacked" that you may be able to get at the Jesus Junk Store. I am going to look into picking it up and searching through the info on her website. Hope it is an encouragement!

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