Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Here's a thing...

So yesterday we learned that Robb will not be getting the managers gig at the Temple of Jesus Junk. They hired some other guy, who Robb's co-worker Kathy calls "Bob the Builder." I actually went to check on her before I went to the back of the store to get Robb at the end of the day. It was a toss up who was more upset...Kathy or Robb.

Basically, what that means is a three dollar and hour pay cut. And oh, yeah, the humiliation of being demoted.

So...kind of a bad day.

Morning is here again, and it will be 90 degrees and sunny today. Robb submitted another resume to a furniture store and was sent a form letter asking him to stop by for an interview today. We've learned in the past six months that Robb is very good at sales, and though I'm terrified to hope, this could be something that would fit our needs.

So, say a prayer for us right now if you haven't already. We are in very real need.


A said...

Wow. I think I've really felt firsthand what Job felt like when the messengers kept coming to his house, wave after wave of bad news, another hitting before the last has even sunk in.

I'm so sorry. Let us know how the furniture thing turns out. Hmmm, a discount on furniture, that might come in more handy than a discount on the Jesus junk.

ness said...

I honestly don't know which is worse...getting the "bad" news or hoping for good news.

yeah, discounted furniture...wouldn't that be something....maybe we could even replace the 30 dollars worth of furniture I've got in the living room right now...of course, then I'd have to actually teach the children not to jump on it.

courtney said...

I know this isn't what you want to hear but, throughout everything you guys have been through the past year, it's been interesting to see what you two are finding out about yourselves--like that fact that Robb is good at sales. I don't know but it almost seems like YOU would be perfect for the furniture job, Bean. You have really good taste in furniture; I bet you'd be great at hustling tge wares :)

ness said...

I don't think they would let me work in my pajamas though, and that's very important to me.

ness said...

hey call me if you aren't busy.

courtney said...

Let me get Dora down for her nap; working in your pj's isn't really all it's cracked up to be :) OR you can always find a job where the uniform is like pj's---like my chef whites :)

The Fowler Family said...

With just getting in touch with you in the last couple weeks my knowledge of what overwhelms you is so limited to the small amount I can pick up on your latest posts... but I must start with saying depression is a real thing.

You have always been so engaged with life Vanessa- from the moment I met you and every moment after that. Being a woman who embraces life in such an extraordinary way means the highs will be really high and the lows will be really low. Don't disconnect from that-- you will have sorrows, but not forever, and your sorrow will always be with hope. Hope that there is more to life than this.

Whenever I face those awful days myself, I find myself wandering to II Corinthians 4. I am always amazed that Paul describes the outrageouly hard things in his life as being "light and momentary afflictions"... and the key seems to be wrapped up in what we look at in those difficult times. Where we set our focus determines a lot about how we will view our afflictions... so, I must ask (even after being silent all these years) are you looking at the seen or the unseen? Only you know the answer to that-- I have no idea.

I know when I grow depressed and the more I look at the circumstances I face in my life, the less I want to live the life I have. But that is what God wants from me- to live the life I have for HIS GLORY.

I will pray for Robb's employment sitch. I'm sorry it's crummy. God is not ignoring you.

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