Monday, September 11, 2006

So, how did it go?

So we had our launch service yesterday and some have called and some have emailed wondering how it went.

The short, flat, and uninteresting answer is, "I don't know."

The longer answer is that I was doing the kids ministry and had the unusual expectation that I would just do it myself with Sara so my good friend Hannah-who said at one of our first meetings that she flat out refused to do the kids ministry and has since done three, I think - and Meredith, a veritable wonder-woman with children- could actually go to the service for a change. It was a nice plan, but when we got two nine-month old babies, and 4 toddlers, 2 of which were screaming at the top of their lungs, well, I had to call in the reinforcements. Up to this point, we haven't had any baby-babies, and Charleigh has been the youngest. I had this great, big kid lesson planned and all these little ones...Oh, and we had a 9 year old, my older two, and 3 more kindergartners. Thank goodness for Sara's "moose song."

So over on the other side, where things weren't all rice noise-makers and stickers, they had a service and I guess it went all right. I still don't know many people, though we did get acquainted with some more people at lunch. I think the whole leadership team is still kind of percolating and hopefully, it will be smoother next week.

Oh my...we have it again next week.


A said...

There were 30 adults in the service, so with the four of you working with the kids, and the 11 little ones you mentioned, we had 45 total.

klasieprof said...

and the WEEEK afteR THAT and the Week after THAT and the week after THAT!!!

You are DOING IT!! REJOICE!! Don't be Downhearted!!! Its WORKING!!!


Sara said...

There was a great big moose. He liked to drink a lot of juice.

There was a great big moose He liked to drink a lot of juice.

Singing waooe waooo

Sing Waoo Waoo
ee ow ee ow e o

The mooses name was Fred. He liked to drink his juice in Bed. (repeat)


He drank his juice with care. Then he spilt some on his hair. (repeat)


Now there's a mooooooooooooseeeee. On the loooooooooosssse. Filled with juicccccccccccce.


(yeah, i bet Hannah is thanking God for the moose

Andrew said...

On the serious side, you can read my comments on Aaron's blog. You guys are in my prayers.

On a lighter note - maybe this will help you with the kids next week:
Did you know that the moose has friends?

He has a friend who is an elk - who likes to drink a lot of milk.

He has a friend who is an ox - who drinks his milk from a box.

He has a friend who is a deer - who likes to drink malted beverages. (Some prefer to abstain from this last verse, as it doesn’t rhyme well.)

ness said...

Andrew! So good to hear from you!

in bloggy venacular, your post had me


rolling on the floor laughing

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