Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I write a lot about the things that drive me nuts. I do that for two that I don't explode and to make people laugh. Really, most of the time, that is what I hope people do when they read my "I'm so frustrated I could scream" posts. I am always blown away by how weird a day can be and I really want to be able to laugh it off...eventually.

Optimism often eludes me. Probably because I don't think very quickly on my feet and I try to prepare for the worst-case scenarios ahead of time by trying to guess what I might need to prepare for. Example: Last night I was awake from 1:30 to 2:30 am wondering if we still had that life insurance for Robb and if so, would it be enough to cover everything, which led to a "how would I do that" scenario. This is not exactly worrying, mind you, just a contingency plan to fall back on should I find myself in the worst-case scenario. I'd be a basket case then, and wouldn't be able to think straight, so it's a good thing to think over when I am rational (and I use that term really loosely). It's actually rather comforting because I haven't ever needed to employ one of these contingency plans. I tend to think that I could be very optimistic indeed if I had more "worst case scenario plans" in place.

But there are lots of postive things that are happening, which I tend to gloss over since they don't require action on my part. But for the record here are some positive things that have happened lately:

we got renters for our house

Robb's feet are much better and at his appointment yesterday, we were told that we have a credit that they will be refunding, since our insurance actually covered something.

Because we no longer need to insure the contents of our house in MI, our monthly payment should go down.

A 800 dollar credit card bill was refunded because of mistake we actually weren't to blame for (for a change).

We got our state tax return back (which is good for a couple of gallons of milk anyway).

I went to an estate sale yesterday where I was the first one there and got my pick of the items, which were being sold for very low prices. I've also been very fortunate at thrift stores lately.

My kids have been absolute pills this week, but they are so cute...I don't remember ever enjoying being a mom as much as I have in the last few months.

Robb has a new District Manager who is tough as nails, but he is going to ask for an interview with her next week for the managers job...again. New DM means different regional VP, which means....who knows????

So...there you go. God is taking care of us and meeting our needs. He has been whispering to me that He does actually have a plan. So I'm trying to be on board with that whatever it is!


Anonymous said...

Mars & I have been praying that Robb gets the manager's job. Perhaps the new supervisor is God's way of bringing this about!

Elizabeth said...

I don't think quick on my feet either.

I only think quick when I'm writing. Seriously...that's the only time my brain flies....the rest of the time it's in some kind of hybernation warp that blocks off all smart comebacks, quick answers, easy fixes, positive solutions, etc.

Poor me. (Have you seen that commercial about the guy who doesn't get to go to some business thing because he can't think quick on his feet?)

courtney said...

it's good to hear some of the good things that are going on with you, Sis. not that I'm not interested in the everyday stuff too but we have been praying for you and it's encouraging to us to know our prayers are being answered in a pleasing way. MUCH is going on here--hopefully we will get to talk soon.

akr said...

you make me want to sing...count your blessings name them one by one...

klasieprof said...

As my ex pastor would say

"Yeah God".

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