Sunday, September 03, 2006


Bury your own breast?????


courtney said...

THAT'S WHERE i PUT THAT!!! man, I'll lose my boobs if they weren't attached....oops

ness said...

oh just wrong on so many levels.

ness said...

what poor *boob* got this reporting assignment?

Robb said...

Suprisingly enough, there is a service in the Star Minister's Manual for this.

A said...

How appropriate that the officer is Sgt. Gump. Only in Meadville!

Could you imagine if he DID want to contact the owner. "Um, maam, I need to confirm if this is your breast. Seeing this photo may be a bit disturbing . . ."

klasieprof said... she's NOT going to hear about the case in the newspaper if she's not dead already.

awwckk MY BOOB!!! Having gone through many biopsies, and my mom having one removed..when SHE gets one or two in her..sometimes she'll reach down, pull out her fake one, and try to pass it around. It's always good for a laugh..sort of. They have "new" fake ones (without implants) that have a Velcro type attachment that attach directly to your skin instead of sitting in the bra.
Its all still weird.

reminds me of a co worker at the Center, A shrink that had 2 fake legs. A friends was commenting on his boots, and how warm they must be...and I am like STARING...and the Shrink ...Said..graciously...Oh yah I guess they do the job they were bought for.
AWWCKK..oh Yah...I remind her of that occasionally.

Sara said...

I think my grandmother thought about doing

or then again

maybe not

r&b&cdog said...

Well,'s so nice to know that you read the local paper up here...We just had a slow news day....nobody killed anybody and they smashed our mailbox a couple of weeks ago....sooooo, let's just run the story about the boobie...that's sure to drum up some circulation.....I wonder if we could create a stir with the burial of a Chloe dog at Lyona.....I'll wait until a week when there's nothing going on.....

courtney said...

having been at a service of two at this particular church (DON'T ASK!!) I'm totally not suprised by this story. Btw, A, sgt. gump is actually this super-huge cop that has been known to reach through car windows at 45 mph while riding a bike beside said car....not MY car, of course! :) I'm sure he's getting a lot of crap for this story!
What would make this story more interesting is if they found more pet cemetery or something:)
it's stories like this that helped my in-laws decide to move to meadville from new jersey.

A said...

I'm all for anyone in law enforcement. The last name of Gump is just unfortunate. Can't help but think of a bearded guy running accross the country and a certain "box of chocolates."

Still can't get the "photo array" idea out of my head. "Maam, I'm going to show you a series of 6 pictures, and I need you to point out the boob you recognize." Too too funny.

klasieprof said...

Guess we ALL know now..A is a "boob" man.

hee hee

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