Monday, September 04, 2006

Kid Highlights

So we went to the Jones Center to swim yesterday. They have a super duper indoor slide, a great toddler area and all three, make that four counting Daddy, have a blast every time we go. You have to be 48 inches tall to do the water slide alone, and last time we were there about a month and a half ago, Mattie had a solid inch or two to go before she was tall enough. Yesterday, she marched up there and low and behold, she had hit it. (No wonder she's been eating us out of house and home!) So she climbed the four flights of stairs by herself and went down that slide without being scared at all. For my cautious, level-headed first born, who doesn't have a daredevil bone in her body, I was quite impressed by this accomplishment.

Vin opened his backpack and pulled out a little book all about the color "red" and proceeded to read it. It's his first full week of school. He also declared that when he grew up, he wants to be the "countdown guy" for when space-ships take off. I'll bet that actually pays pretty well...go for it, Buddy!

And Charleigh has begun to say her own name. Ask her who she is and she will reply, with the twinkling mischief in her eyes that she is "Scheiney!" Yes, she is. That nickname is gonna stick, I think.


courtney said...

Dora's been a pill all weekend; yesterday, she wouldn't stop doing something while I was making dinner so I gave her the ol'mom thump on the head, to which she replied, rubbing her head, "Geez!"
I put away all her old summer clothes this weekend and went shopping for her fall/winter clothes---more fun than shopping for myself, really. I found some one-piece sleepers pj's--you know, the ones with the big zipper and footies? so I picked one up, thinking maybe she could fit into it later in the winter cause it was obviously way too big. Nope, fits perfectly now. She just looks so grown up these past few days and the stuff that's coming out of her mouth is just unbelievable. As for self-reference, she still thinks that when Dora the Explora is on, they're singing about her. well, why not?

r&b&cdog said...

Do I have beautiful grandchildren or what?

Robb said...

That one next to Vinny in the first picture probably takes after my side of the family.

r&b&cdog said...'re a hoot!!

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