Saturday, September 02, 2006

The Saga Continues

So Robb's job. Weird, I tell you. Found out today that everything is going to be shaken up again. It's not public knowledge yet, so on the off chance that somebody who manages a FCS in District 29 is reading this, I don't know anything. My lips are sealed.

Here's a catch 22, though. He is only allowed to work 40 hours as a interim manager. Okay. But regular managers are salaried and usually work upwards of 45 to 50 hours a week. So he can't get everything done. It is not humanly possible. So he gets behind and is stressed out because it affects their bottom line, which he actually cares about, inspite of everything. He's a good guy and I'm proud of him for being so responsible. Not super-responsible, but just the right amount of responsible.

So I went this morning and helped pack up return boxes. I was bored at home and wanted to be around Robb after him being gone all week. So we had a Ryerse Family Bookstore Morning. The kids watched the new Bible Man Video (snore) and the new BOZ video (The Christian Barney...because apparently that Freaky Purple Dinosaur is also a complete heathen) which Charleigh loves. It was kind of fun and nice to know I can still contribute something to the work force....even if I didn't get paid for it : )'s a job....and kind of a trip.


A said...

So, without giving anything away to the store manager of store whatever the number is, is there still the possibility of full time employment at FCS?

ness said...

nope...just more headaches.

tammi said...

maybe a good round of the Barney-wannabe would cheer you up....

or make you contemplate jumping off a bridge.
On second thought, scratch the Barney idea. I hate that stupid dinosaur anyway.

This is where I could say something trite about cheering up and something better will come along soon, it all works out for greater good, God is trying to teach you something in the meantime, or a host of other comments designed to make you feel better, but ar really only people's way of saying something when they don't know what else to say. So instead, I'll just say:

sorry. that stinks. I hope things get better soon.

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