Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Ten years ago today....

My friend's daughter Helena was born in MI.

And in PA...

We were setting up the gym with white lights and tulle.

Grandma and Grandpa Valentine were on their way.

We got ready for a hilarious rehearsal picnic.

The Aunts were cutting up veggies in the kitchen.

The florist forgot the rose petals.

I wore a size 4.

Ted got in from Philly.

Dr. Carter disapproved of the rehearsal...where we laughed our heads off.

Bill Clinton was President, September 11th hadn't happened, Mad About You was our favorite TV show, we drove a teal Geo Storm, D & K were still married, A and Ted and Ron weren't married yet, and Nate was a year old.

The next day, Cathy took this picture...it ended up being my very favorite one.
Ten years. They've just flown by...that happens when you spend it with your very best friend in the world.


A said...

You guys are old.

Ok, that picture cracks me up. Robb is all demure, like, ok, now we can go have sex. And you're all like, triumphant, like, look I got a MAN!!

Too funny.

ness said...

Be nice or I'll post the picture of you, the best man, all scrawny and starved.

and last I checked, you are older than I am, you Geezer.

klasieprof said...

A-- THATS EXZCTLY what I thought..Ok lets get this OVER so I can "GIT ME SUM".......

courtney said...

Ness, remember how Mom almost punched the photographer? and the guys did all that work on the food? and how many different ways you guys tried to pose for pictures in a way that made it look like you were dancing since you couldn't? Congratulations, we love you both....anniversaries are very nice (since ours is next week!)
A, you looked like a little kid in the pictures so don't make Ness (or me) drag them out!

A said...

Yeah, yeah. It might not be bad to show them off, since it would prove to everyone that I was skinny once. In my current state, that might be a nice reminder.

I guess, if you look at it one way, I've been married for a little over 7 years; 2 of them happily . . . =)

courtney said...

you had totally different (ie "90's) hair then too. :) And, hey, A, at least your moving in a positive direction!
Ron and I have 6 really good years under our belts so I'm pretty proud of that. As we say--we've made it longer than most celebrities

ness said...

Robb seemed to think he looked better then too...which is just silly. Guys just get better looking as time goes on...It's not fair.

He's just lucky lucky lucky...lucky.


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