Monday, August 07, 2006

i'm not sure why I found this so annoying...

but I've been nursing along two tomato plants in the back yard because I'm very partial to "real" tomatoes in season. So I managed to keep them alive in the heat, and to keep the dog away from them. So I was more than a little fried when a certain two year old of mine took a bite of one of the unripe ones, decided it was not "good for food or pleasing to the eye" and proceeded to pick every one off the plant and chuck them into the yard.

She's in time out. Currently singing U2's "Vertigo." I kid you not.

"yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah....."

For an encore, her favorite knock-knock joke:

knock knock

"Who's there?"

Impatient Cow (okay, she only says, "cow")

"Impatient cow, wh..."



Courtney said...

at least she doesn't claim innocents by reason of being a different species like Dora does. Example: "Dora, please stop taking the sheets off the bed." D: "bark bark bark"(while continuing to rip everything off my bed for the 8th time in an hour;barking continues for 20 more minutes past situation, making Mommy want to drink heavily by the end of the night.)
She told me she loved me today though!

klasieprof said...

Perhaps...just perhaps, the Shock collar may work for the 2 yr old as well as for da doggie?

courtney said...

I will admit to thinking about it with some temptation :)

ness said...

this from the foster-care-recruiter...

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