Saturday, June 03, 2006

"That rolled my belly...."

You know those cool curvy, hilly roads that you fly over in a little car and feel your stomach fly up inside you? My kids say "That rolled my belly." Color my belly rolled.

We are moved in. The dsl is working correctly and I can actually get online whenever. I mowed the grass. We held a garage sale (to make room for the books that are still coming). I am sunburned. We've eaten a few meals together as a family at our own table. We held a gas-buy-down this morning at a local gas station where we pumped a lot of gas (which let me tell you, I'm not particularly adept at!) We also were interviewed to be on the news! After that we had a meeting to talk over the service that is AUGH! NEXT SUNDAY. I'm not sure what we were expecting from the meeting, but it went pretty well, I think. Including the advent of a new team-member who is amazing, energetic and has undeniable "it" factor. Some things are coming together and some things are hanging over the edge of cliff....

What an amazing ride. You'll have to forgive me for the white knuckles and screaming.

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Darla said...

right there with ya, girlfriend.... although i'd like to think we're in the front of the roller coaster with our hands in the air!!!! :)

praying for your first service!! how very exciting!!!

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