Thursday, June 15, 2006

recipe for frustration

1 swarm of flies
3 small children going in and out by the minute
0 screen doors
1 pair of lost glasses

Mix all the ingredients repeatedly and then try to swat the fuzzy black dots that keep dive-bombing you while you are squinting. It would be funny if it weren't so dang annoying.


Sara said...

hey call me at camp if you get this sometime today

Elizabeth said...

Recipe to de-frustrate yourself:

Find a babysitter

klasieprof said...

HEY get those long yellow fly paper things..they are GROSS but Man are they GREAT. Plus you can count your "kills" every day.

klasieprof said...

and Yah..a babysitter SOUNDS good, but have the expense of a babysitter, the cost of going out, the "work" of going out and prepping the kids to stay with someone new...awckk.

mukeyjoy said...

ok, so D and I are contemplating buying a home. a bit smaller than where we are now. and it wouldn't come w/ my parents of course (thus removing from our home the huge help that they are!!!). So, talk me out of it?

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