Thursday, June 15, 2006

A family day of epic proportions

I admit, I'm a little behind on the blog....Hubby had Tuesday off and with his keen instinct for fun and the need for it, planned what he dubbed "A Family Day of Epic Proportions."

Start the day with a good breakfast, we always say: OJ, Bacon and My Very Special Extra Fluffy Cornmeal, Blueberry & Vanilla Pancakes.

An hour to get caught up on the news and events of the world.

Swimming at the Jones Center: This is a family place where you can just call ahead to get free tickets. The pool is perfect for our kids with a 3.5 feet deep-end. It also has a waterslide that all three kids love to have mom and dad take them down.

2 hours later, we stop off at McDonalds for yogurt parfaits, which Vin refers to as Barfaits. Actually, he refers to them as The Best Barfaits in the World!

Next, it's Gator Golf time! Super-fun miniature golf place where Mom handed Dad's behind to him on a platter (and I have to rub it in a little because I always start off well and then he beats my pants off and this time HE DIDN'T). Oh, yeah, the kids had fun too.

Then it was on to try out the regionally fabous AQ Chicken House. We were not disappointed since kids eat free and Mom and Dad ate fabtastic chicken, smokey baked beans, fresh, warm and home-made-tasting rolls with strawberry preserves, corn on the cob and I love Southern Food. I'm seriously a fan.

Then!!!! We headed over to the movie theatre (He wasn't joking about epic proportions, here, kiddo) to see the very funny Cars, which was hilarious and made me think there might be something to that whole Nascar thing after all...Really, really cute. Vin's favorite part: the credits. He laughed so hard we thought they might want us to leave.

Then it was home to tuck in the weary party-animals and take in another new episode of our fav show right now (because it's the only stinking thing on 120 channels) Deadliest Catch.

Thanks, Babe for the super fun day!


kingsjoy said...

heheh...barfaits :D

klasieprof said...

SOrry --yu know how my mind works..and You said..
"handed hubby his behind"...LOL...yah..Can you tell I"m surrounded by Juvinile BOYS???

ash said...

give in to NASCAR!!! woo-hoo.. you'll be a fan in no even watches now...
deadliest catch was a good one this week...we're fans...partly because we like the bon jovi theme song? heartwarming fishing stories about guys freezing their hineys off...all for the king crab.

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