Saturday, June 24, 2006

Lost and Found

So, while getting ready for the first Vintage service, between bringing in electrical cords, holding a sleeping baby, and wandering around in a dark theater, I lost my glasses. Checked with the lost and found at Malco and the dice.

So while rooting around in my ebay stock, I found a stash of old glasses I got at estate sales (I always buy these, even the freaky 80's ones because you never know...) So for a dollar (and some other charges for retro-fitting, changing the lens shape, and grinding holders in the side) I got some new ones. I wouldn't have picked them out in the store, but hey...they work. I have to readjust to them all over again, and my computer screen looks like a trapezoid to me. Hopefully that will improve.

I also got a box of really fun doo dabs yesterday at a garage sale for 50 cents. In it, I got a stack of old papers, maps, letters, a scrapbook and Christmas cards. One set of letters was regarding a man who had been discharged from his job. The author wrote,

"Dear Sir and Brother, in conference with Mr. Worman yesterday, in handling the case of Brother C.L. Atwell, I assured him that Atwell would go straight and that our boys would see to it that he does, and would report to the proper official if they could not straigten Atwell out in the event that he did not go straight with reference to the thing for which he was discharged."

Further letters revealed that he had harbored a bootlegger, his brother, while in the employ as a fireman.

Letters in response stated that he could not have his job back because "men having connection with liquor and dishonesty could not be given any consideration."

Three more letters debated back and forth. Finally, in the last paper of the stack, I found this:

" To whom it may concern,
On account of the fact that he has been out of work for a long time, during these hard times, and with a family to support, has had a hard time making a living for them, we the undersignd hereby petition you to re-instate Mr. C. L. Atwell to his former position or some other one in order that he may provide for his family. We are citizens of ****** and are well acquainted with his condition.

Then, a list of all the townsfolks, and where they worked.

They are dated 1933.

Also in the stack, a picture of an old house with the family standing on the porch. I have decided that this is something I will collect. I already have several of these kind of pics...and I love how proud these people are to stand outside their home and have it photographed.

The Christmas cards are an absolute hoot: Each one is from the "Holy Land" and includes mustard seeds, vials of Jordan River water, a rock from Calvary, and dirt from Bethlehem. All of the cards state that "the tiny fingers of orphans collected" these artifacts and one card even has a picture of the little mites climbing up a rocky hill with little buckets collecting the stones....WHAT kind of Orphanage is this????? And oh, by the way, Merry Christmas!

One other ironic little tidbit: I needed some new duds, so at each of my fourty seven stops while thrifting and garage saling, I looked for some things for myself. I ended up with three of nearly the same shirt. At least I'm consistent.


Robb said...

And you say I only hear what I want to

ness said...

you say, I talk slow all the time,


courtney said...

Ness, this is a test to see if my wonderfully smart hubby fixed the computer....copy?

ness said...

read you loud and clear. Which computer??? NOT MOM AND DADS!?!?!?!

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