Thursday, May 18, 2006

Rock....................Us........................Hard Place

So they showed the house in MI today to an elder from the Ithaca Church of God. Apparently, the elder is looking on behalf of the new pastor they expect to call in June. This pastor has identified 12 houses as possibilities, the elder is narrowing it down to four, and they will decide when he candidates in June.

Meanwhile, the new pastor at our old church, Ithaca Baptist, is looking to rent a house until he buys a piece of land and puts a modular home on it. They have a good size family and most of the rentals in town are very small. Our house would be adequate in size and the rent money would sure help things along. But what if's plague us. It's a lot to think about....but then again, we were getting soft anyway, having a whole week of not having to lie awake thinking about where we were going to live....

fun blog entries to come...I promise.

such as, "Guess what I painted my new bathroom since my decorating constipation is over?!"


klasieprof said... this where I can say...Holy Crap????

ness said...

Considering the number of pastors involved, I'm thinking that's not too far off......

A said...

Have you guys thought of approaching Ithaca B. and seeing if they want to take over the payments and use the house as a parsonage or home from the field missionary house?

That could eliminate your endebtedness to both them and the bank if they were so inclined.

Then their new pastor could crash there until or instead of making his own arrangements.

That is about the only win/win I can conjure up at this point.

Just a thought.

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