Friday, May 19, 2006

"Let me, there is too much...let me sum up"

Kudos to anyone who can name the movie I just quoted.

It occurred to me that a number of new people have been invited to this blog recently, and I thought it might be good to sum up some of the characters and story lines:

Cast of Characters:
I am Vanessa: wife, mom, ebay entrepenuer, fellow church planter in Arkansas

Robb, my husband, he's pretty intrical to the church planting thing

3 Kidlets, Mattie, Vinny and Charleigh, (who looks a lot like me, but is also Hispanic, just to clear things up a bit).

A & Jaye T: our friends here and fellow-church planters with us

Courtney: my sister in TN soon to be PA (home to me)

Ashley: my sister in Florida, wildly talented in the musical arts

klaisieprof: my hilarious best friend in MI who is guaranteed to say the most shocking thing possible (and no, honey, that is NOT a challenge)

Sara: Recent college grad in upstate NY, who calls us her mentors, but really we just like having her hang out with us.

Elizabeth: One of the bright young people we like to keep track of.

Darla: fellow church planter/blogger/and bff

Kingsjoy and Mukejoy: practically neighbors who we love to death and never get to see

Sid: our dog. She never comments, but often appears in entries.

Jdub and Shari: former co-workers, always friends, even if they do go to that OTHER PLACE to work

Cathy: My sister in law in MI who is brilliant in all she does

Andrew, akr and Heidi: friends from college amazingly found through the magic of the internet

Vintage Fellowship: the church we are planting

Guest appearances by old friends from college, ebay browsers, other family members and complete strangers.

Story lines:

We have a house in Michigan we have been trying to sell for 8 months, while laying the groundwork to launch a new church in northwest Arkansas, while selling on ebay and working at Family Christian bookstore (well, hubby does anyway). We are also a family in transition with all that that entails. All the while, we are wrestling through the challenges of leaving a pretty conservative background to do something not exactly conservative with our lives.

So that's Happiness in a nutshell.


klasieprof said...

Inigo Montoya in The Princess Bride, by William Goldman.

I bought it for one of Don's Nieces for Christmas a gazillion years ago.

and I don't TRY to say outragous things..I'm just telling ya what I think.

ness said...

ding ding ding...well done.

of course you don't try to...but whatever you say is never boring, my dear.

A said...

Way to go Klasieprof. Nailed it.

By intrical did you mean integral?

"My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die!"

ness said...

there's a good chance that's what I meant.

A big "As you wish" going out to that integral guy.

jim said...

My name is Jim, and I have a son in Arkansas, shamefully I can't recall the town this minute, but I will check it out, I wonder where in Ark you are, my son is in the northern part on the west side I think.

You have quite a line up, your team could win just any ball game in town. God be with you all.

Darla said...

wow... bff status - wow... i feel so.... not quite sure what the word is... sad because we're not in the same town. thanks for chatting with me yesterday... you really make me smile.

oh... and you might remove my bff status after i tell you i think i'm one of the only people who doesn't like the princess bride.... i know... i know...

Lindsey said...

Well done Klasieprof! I just sat and looked at the monitor for a few minutes with a blank expression :( Thanks for the character profiles - now I get it all about your house :) Blessings today!

ness said...

okay Jim, youv'e commented twice, you're gonna get added to the list! So far about 1/2 of nwa seems to be from Dallas.

Darla, you have BFF status for introducing me to the amazing world of IM'ing : )

Lindsey, my exotic vintage-tupper reader from the other side of the pond....I love your accent : )

klasieprof said...

OK WENCH...WHICH IM are you using?? Yahoo?? or Msn?? I"m on both.

you can add me. I won't even swear at ya....well..maybe not.

having SECRET bday party for don tonight with former group members..have no idea who will show..invited Lori aand brad, Denise and her um...husband, John Powers, Sandy, my mom..
ok bye

klasieprof said...

and it is NOT Intrical or INtegral...its

Mandy Patinkin .... INIGO Montoya

(i had ot look it up to be sure)...

A said...

Klasieprof, I wasn't correcting you. INIGO was right all along. In the original post, V referred to Robb as intrical, a word I had not previously heard of. I think she meant integral, which means, vital, or central in importance.

klasieprof said...

oh *sure*...I know how you are.
Laughing so hard hot coffree spewed on the screen.

KRISTIE said...


ash said...

"what about the R-O-U-S-es?"

mukeyjoy said...

WOW! We made the list! I'm honored! I'd like to thank.....
Hey really, we think you guys are like way cool and would like to see ya more! W/ 7 kids between the 2 of us and everything that life has to offer - the getting together is not as easy as it seems huh? As soon as D and I get back from Dallas this weekend (visiting w/ Darla and Michael) we will call ya and get together. Maybe my niece can watch all the kids. She's really good that way!
Sorry it's taken so long for us to hook up, but....YOU KNOW HOW IT IS ROCKIN' AND ROLLIN' AND WHAT NOT.
K, name what movie that is from and you totally win!

klasieprof said...

Danny Zuko, GREASE 1978 release date

"78 is Great"...

Darla said...

'78??? really?? i was only 8 - wow! i thought i was like at least 10 or something... i was probably wishing i was 10. so tell the truth, did you want to be sandy or rizzo?? or actually (since i am a stylist wannabe) i really thought frenchy was the bomb. anyway... i still have the grease album - yes, album... wonder what i could get for that on ebay? isn't that vintage or something?? :)

oh, what were we talking about again? i'm wondering how many comments we can leave on this post... i love it.

ness said...

78...i was 3...and I've never seen Grease. What's up wi' dat????

Donna, it's gmail. I don't get a lot of "Wench" down here. Gosh I miss you.

M...I can't wait to have people over once I get a few more things put away!!! Don't have too much fun in Dallas...although...what exactly is too much fun?

Kristi: SWEET...and there's no creepy crawlies in the new house! whoo hoo!

ash (sandy wannabe) said...

YOU'VE NEVER SEEN GREASE!!!!!! whattheheck?!
grease is the time, is the place, is the motion...
you must rent it this weekend!

mukeyjoy said...

ring a ding ding

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