Thursday, April 13, 2006

Peace, be still.

Here is a copy of an email I just sent out to family and friends. I'm posting it here too, since I don't have everyone's email address:

Hey Friends and Fam,

Most of you know how long we have been trying to sell our house and how slow the process has been. We have a new realtor who has been working hard, but with the economy so bad in Michigan, it's not looking good. We have already lowered the price twice and are going to lower it once more, which is as low as we can possibly go. Even at this price (lower than what we paid for it) it is not a sure thing that it will sell. Financially, our backs are against the wall. We have been at Hollyhock House for 6 months, when the usual stay is 2 months, and it is far past the time that we need to leave. Our hosts have been very gracious, but we cannot impose on them any longer. We need to leave here by the end of May. There are many things that are converging at this time....the end of the school year, a possible promotion for Robb at the bookstore, and the beginning of the public events for the launch of the new church are just a few. Unless we sell the house, we cannot buy another one, and every rental situation we have looked into has resulted in a door firmly shut.

Our time at Hollyhock House has been a significant time of growth in our relationship with God and one another. It has been the first time in our married life that we have navigated these relationships outside of the realm of "professional" ministry. I can honestly say that these 6 months have been some of the most intense times we have had, and this past 40 days of Lent have been even more intense and focused. We approach this Easter more keenly aware than we have ever been of our great need and His great provision.

I am asking that you join us in praying specifically that our house would sell within the next three weeks. This can only be accomplished by God. We have no more options financially or emotionally. Our backs are against the wall. We have complete confidence in God's care for us and His timing. We are asking you to join us in asking for this mountain to be moved.

Looking forward to His plan,

Vanessa, Robb, and the kids.

If you have talked with me in the last few days, you probably heard the scattered and rushed tone in my voice. I have been feverishly working at setting up rental appointments, researching school districts, talking to our realtor and frankly....panicking.

Last night, I lay down with my mind buzzing, hoping to pray, but I was just out of words. I've told some of you about how I don't know what else to pray. Last night, I realized that I needed to listen, not talk.

God strongly impressed upon my mind (with scriptures) that I need to sell off the rest of the ebay stuff in an orderly way, clean the house, and focus my attention on my family. I should not scramble any more after housing options, but rather, just be faithful in the little things that are before me. I am not to rush ahead or to take on more responsibility (or ebay stock!). I need to wait and trust Him.

From an external point of view, it is pure crazy. I feel like we are standing around the enemy camp in the dark, holding our pottery with torches inside, getting ready to blow our plastic trumpets. It's nuts. And if it works, there'll be no doubt that God did it.


klasieprof said...

"And I , THe LORD your GOD, will hold your right hand, saying unto thee,

bina said...

I am praying for you.

kingsjoy said...

V, we're praying. BTW, give us a call if you need any help with rental leads, I might be able to hook you up. ~David

akr said...

When Kevin and I were in Ohio we saw our marriage grow so much through the tough times and I was so thankful looking back on it...I want you to know how much we love you here and how much you are in our hearts and prayers...God has some incredible things in store for this grand vision he has given to you!

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