Saturday, March 11, 2006

To Err is Human...

...and also, stinking annoying.

I just bombed 15 auctions because I changed the picture links by mistake. They ended before I realized that none of them had pictures.

Now I'm trying to figure out if my lenten fast of only doing 40 listings a week includes re-lists.



jdub said...

Voice of Reason

"Go ahead, a few more postings never hurt anybody!"

klasieprof said...

"let every Man" do what is right unto himself..and if to HIM (or her) it is sin...or something like that...



HELL YAH Just DO it!!

Hows that??? LOL HOwever..I KNOW how you feel...sort of like doing a 5 page paper and BING..losing it ALL
ugh!! Makes you sick to your stomabh\

Anonymous said...

If you made a commitment to limit your ebay sales for Lent and are using faith to help you through it, then it doesn't make sense to me to break that commitment just because of this snafu.

ness said...

I must admit that since making this commitment, my ebay sales have been terrible...I've had more mistakes, breakages, etc. in the last two weeks than I have had in the previous two months. I've also spent more time with my kids, kept my house cleaner and have been more relaxed and "present" in my real life.

I'm going to hold at 40 listings.

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