Thursday, March 09, 2006


Went to an estate sale this morning and spent $3.50. This is what I got:

5 hand-crochetted lace doilies, dresser scarves and collars.
2 quilt tops from the 60's. Won't be able to part with the orange one.
2 "yard-long" photos of soldiers from the 50's
A vintage tole-painting book
Jeanette Depression glass footed bowl, smoke color.
2 pieces of vintage Tupperware, which I read in Country Living, is now popular (Bring on the Brady Bunch! And keep your eyes peeled for PINK)
A funky belt buckle
Vintage black velvet purse
2 vintage scarves, screenpainted "Aloha" with a Hula Girl.

and of course, a VHF of the Muppets Take Treasure Island. (Gotta keep morale up for the troops.)

Estimated profit: $45.00


Heidi said...

I can't believe how much that crazy Tupperware goes for on ebay! If only I could raid my Nana's kitchen = )

Sara said...

Fun times, but not as much fun as when i will be at your house!!!! YEAH ARKANSAS!

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