Wednesday, February 01, 2006

so much to blog, so little time....

Hey Happiness fans, I will be blogging about a couple of things in the near future, but I am too crushed for time right now. Look for entries on the following topics:

How everyday life adds up
Am I getting glasses tonight?
A new realtor
My response to the state of the union address.

Now if I could just have 32 hours a day, I'd be sitting pretty.


mukeyjoy said...

I missed the state of the union address. so i look forward to your commentary.

courtney said...

hey, I got new glasses! I actually look like my own evil twin in a Lisa Loeb kind of way. The funny thing is that if Mom had picked them out for me 10 years ago I would have howled at the moon. As for your other listings, I await eagerly but am kind of glad you've been too busy to write because I've been too busy to read (66 choc. fudge cakes in the cooler can attest to that). I have a really bad associations with Groundhogs Day. okay, love you

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