Thursday, February 02, 2006

I AM getting glasses...

Well, it's official. My eyes have been "bugging" me for several years now, and though I've had at least two eye exams in the that time frame, I always seemed to slip by without any prescription. So, our health insurance finally kicked in, and got an eye appointment (bless my husband, he called 14 places to get us in!) I liked this doctor immensely, not only for getting us both in, but also probably because we are the same age.

I think I flunked with flying colors. She decided to dilate my eyes which I have never had done before, and for those of you who also don't wear glasses (wait a I know anybody without glasses????) that relaxes your eyes enough to accept a prescription after working so long without one. Well that sure did the trick. I am apparently near-sighted and have an astigmatism. What a relief! Since I was having trouble with far away AND up-close objects, Robb had been kidding me about geting bi-focals.

While I'm pretty sure I got some nice frames, I really can't remember. What I do know, from what the doctor told me, is that I am in for an uncomfortable 6 weeks while my eyes get used to the glasses. She suggested starting by wearing them an hour a day and building up to wearing them all the time.

I have secretly always wanted to wear glasses. (I know, most of you are literally groaning out loud). Mostly, I'm just glad she didn't tell me I was being a baby. That would have been the worst. And being able to see will be really handy.


Jaye T. said...


Yes, the first few days of wearing new glasses are always fun. I've gotten so many new pair of glasses that I can't remember how many!!! It will feel like the floor isn’t balanced for a while with a new prescription, but it doesn’t take long to adjust. Once you get used to the new glasses, you’ll always want to wear them; the glasses will become a part of you. I’m so glad that your insurance finally kicked in. What doctor did you see?

Oh, thanks for calling me yesterday to inform me of the accident on the By-pass.

Have a GREAT day!!!!!
~Jaye T.

klasieprof said...

Hey..I just got READING glasses!! I'm sort of bummed about it..the words on the page were swimming..I didn't realize how bad it was till I went in.AND he upped my left contact lense by .5 which is a lot.
so now..I"m hip..have several pair..lying around...


wrzzyklo: what you say when letters swim on the page

Sandy Mc said...

well, Ness, you know ONE person without! And at almost 46 years old I am proud to announce that:)

Not much else I can brag about;)

courtney said...

Ha ha! Now YOU'RE a four eyes too!! Welcome to our world. I've had my new glasses for a week now and my contacts just came in so I'm getting those this weekend...the Dr. took Ron and I in together and then had a good laugh because we apparently have the same this what they mean when they say that after years of marriage, you start to look alike?

ash said...

i'm in the same boat with you about secretly wanting the glasses...i got mine about 2 years ago (with a very weak rx) and last month i learned that my eyes have corrected themselves and i have near perfect vision...same thing happened to john (at a different doctor).
i still wear them though when i'm going for the studious look : ) i'm pretty shallow when it comes to fashion and i'm not afraid to admit it.

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