Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Ever Industrious Charleigh-Brown-Eyed-Girl...

....strikes again. In Charleigh's economy, things that are in zip-lock bags belong to the dog, since Sidney's dog biscuits are indeed in a plastic bag with a zip-lock top. So of course, a bag of expensive trail mix, with yummy yogurt covered nuts, dried berrries, coconut, sunflower seeds and other good stuff looked like dog food too. What else could a self-respecting, bright-eyed little girl to do? Into the dog dish it went.

Goodbye nightly tv snack.


Elizabeth said... least she doesn't starve the dog!

Sandy Mc said...

or eat the dog's food herself, LOL!

Sandy Mc said...

OH and sorry about the loss of your TV snack...guess that's the upside of doing computer work rather than watching TV in the evenings...gotta keep the fingers clean. LOL!

(besides since at this point of the semester Roy has "homework" most nights till late, it's where I need to be to hang out with him.)

ness said...

sadly, Charleigh has sampled the real dog food on more than one occasion. Another fine high-protein snack as far as she is concerned.

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