Thursday, January 12, 2006

Slice of life with Charleigh


Since this blog is a major platform for my mental health, I need to say....THIS KID IS DRIVING ME CRAZY!

I know she's cute. I know she's precious. I know she's almost two.

She's also a little sinner with mischief bound up in her little willful heart, since she knows she isn't supposed to be doing this and hides under the bed when she sees me coming to catch her at some of this stuff. Here's a list of her latest exploits (and I'm talking in the last three days)

climbed up to the bathroom sink, and got Robb's razor to play with

got something too gross for words from the *bathroom* trash can and tasted it

took off her poopy diaper in my bedroom, wiped her hands on my sheets and squatted down while wearing her boots....I just spent 10 minutes wiping the crap off her crap-kickers.

took a dvd disc into the bathroom and quiety scratched it to pieces

put cds into my cd player, which mysteriously no longer works

poked holes with her little finger into tangerines (which she doesn't eat btw) while I was making supper last night.

got another dvd

pressed the off button (three times) while Vinny was watching one of his beloved movies

put her finger into the electrical socket (caught her just in time)

Ran outside in the freezing cold with no shoes on

got another dvd

tipped over the shelf of dvds

grabbed my cell phone off my desk (while sitting in time out)

colored in her brother's library book

dropped the digital camera on the floor

ate a dog biscuit

sneaked a cell phone and climbed under a chair to play with it

scratched her sister
scratched her brother
bit me

climbed up and "typed" on my keyboard

developed a habit of screaching at the top of her lungs when she gets mad

and just now, she was sitting in the chair next to me singing a song and dancing.


Sandy Mc said...

I just read this to my girls, lol... Becca has lots of ideas for *preparing for your visit Friday;)

Seriously...she sounds very normal and I can't wait to meet you all!

ness said...

i can't wait either. She loves other kids and will likely not be as intrigued with your electrical sockets.

keep your lipstick put away though.

Sandy Mc said... problem since I don't own any lipstick, lol!
Love the pics, and the typing on your computer is a crackup. I have an online friend in CA who has a 2003 June baby like me and her daughter has IM'd me a few times on yahoo...seems she likes to see the yahoo "audibles" do there thing.

Sandy Mc said...

ugh...hate when I typo and it looks like bad grammar...

" their thing."

klasieprof said...

weel dere is a hoomskooler so we all doont epacte a hole lot.

hee hee

Sandy Mc said...


klasieprof said...

SOUNDS LIKE A GREAT scrap book page to me!!

courtney said...

oh, sis, I'm there with you...Dora has just this week: destroyed her mattress and probably eaten some of it, played "disspearing diaper" at bedtime 3 times (which also involved total nakedness and some bedwetting), tried to eat the fridge magnets, called--probably--China, refused her nap all but one day, dropped her lunch plate into her chair so she could eat out of the cracks of it instead, eaten two books and found the way to pull the paper off 2 more board books, eaten two puzzle pieces, tried to catch the fish, tried to "wake" the fish with a spoon, destroyed a magazine I just put down, and tried to climb the treadmill (which she now contents herself to just do pull-ups on). I love her dearly but I sometimes wish it was socially and medically acceptable to drug her for 4 hours a day or something. To sum up, she asked Ron "what the H#$@" he was doing so I guess I need to start counting to 5 before I actually speak during one of these situations. oops. oh, I forgot, she tried to put her lotion on herself after bathtime!!! I couldn't stop laughing from that one.

A said...

And you really think I am that evil for being RELUCTANT to produce and care for one of these urchins? Why would I willfully subject myself to such torture? I know, I know, one look from those big "insert color here" eyes and it is all worth it. We'll see . . .

ness said...

unless you are planning on being mister MOM, you won't have to. You'll just have to come home and scrape Jaye T off the ceiling.

it's fun!

Ash said...

i'm with a on this one...for at least 10 more years until, like the oh-so-overly-honest doctor chick on the bachelor, "my eggs start to rot"....maybe i'll reconsider then...until that moment i shall continue loving on my wonderful, adorable neices and nephews.

rufrh: the sound dora makes while doing a pull-up on the treadmill...

courtney said...

no no no, you both don't's magic to watch these little people formulate thoughts and become themselves. Yes, it's tiring but Ash, really, how many times have you complained about Murphy? The process of children is, for me, what cslewis describes as JOY. You just don't know until you jump in. Ask Ron.

Sara said...

Vanessa!!That is INSANE!!!AHHHH!

hey, i ate dog biscuits at camp BaYouCa this summer..they were nasty...maybe she won'e eat anymore...

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