Tuesday, January 03, 2006

It might take me all year....

Well, like everyone else, I am digging out of the holiday clutter to figure out what I need to get done. Here's my list...

Clean the toilets. They are atrocious.



Clean out the fridge...seriously, enough leftovers in there for a feast...albeit a slightly fuzzy one.

Organize the kids room with all their new toys, clothes, and books.

Write thank you's to like a million people who made our holiday really special...including my Aunt Maggie and Uncle David who sent a recipe book of my Grandma Mattocks' handwritten goodies, including her sweet & sticky pecan rolls. I can still taste them 15 years later.

Get ebay back up and running, while chasing down unpaid items that will inevitably leave me paying for the difference in shipping costs when the little stamp goes from for 37 to 39 cents. (That means boxes get more expensive too, you know). Also, I'll be exploring the idea of printing shipping at home and also looking into carrier pickup options to avoid the dreaded post office visits....seriously.....fifteen boxes, three kids, a big parking lot....you do the math.

Print and organize my 1500+ digital photos; This of course will lead to scrapbooking these photos...and I am now exactly 2 years behind.

Apply my teeth whitening strips for a second dose of "Holy-Shnikees-these-taste-awful-but-really-do-make-my-teeth-whiter"

Plan a healthy menu that uses up all the weird stuff I bought at the grocery store because I was hungry while I shopped.

Plan Robb's birthday extravaganza on the 8th....or the 9th.

Figure out why Sidney seems to be "leaking" and ban her from the couch.

Pay bills. That should inspire me to get back on ebay, anyway.

So, that's this week's list. Like I said, maybe I'll have it done by next year...the toilets anyway.

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