Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Charleigh's words

Charleigh's words, age 20 months:

Mo EE (Mattie)
D (Dora the Explorer)
Pssssss (potty)
Pizza (plain as day, folks)
brrrmmmm (car)
meep (nose)
me (mine)
juuuuuu (juice)
mo (more)
pease (please)
yummayummayumma (good stuff)
nana (banana, not the grandma, sorry mom)
coo coo (cookies)
shoo (shoes...she LOVES shoes!)
tee (brush your teeth)
O (off and on)
beebee (baby)
A Duh (all done!)
nunite (goodnight)


Robb said...

I am pretty sure "backpack" is her word for diaper.

Shari said...

She is getting so big! I can't believe she is talking so much. Makes me miss watching the kids. :)

klasieprof said...

Just thinking how lucky she is to be saying those words...IN her former world..cuss words, Jail Orange, and all that would be the norm.
And how lucky we are to know her. She is going to be soo fun watching her grow up.
OHHHH WE love THAT baby!!

ness said...

She's a funny duck, that's for sure. At the library the other day, while I was checking out books, she stood in aisle waving and saying "HI" to everyone that passed. .... Then she threw a hissy fit and crawled up the stairs yelling at the top of her lungs while I scrambled to grab three bags of books, my purse and keys and chase her.....

Okay, I'll be honest. I'm always a little nervous about something: I always carry her pic in my purse just in case one of these times when I am picking her up and carrying her out "fireman" style while she is screaming "NONONONONO" that someone will think I am nabbing THAT BABY.

Wouldn't that stink!

qpkup: picking up a screaming toddler

courtney said...

At least she hasn't learned to yell "ow ow ow ow!!!" like Dora does in public if she isn't getting her way. The other day, we were in a restaraunt and she didn't want her face washed so she started yelling "ow" and the old bitties at the next table nearly tried to stop me....good thing I pay their social security so I could remind them what they could go do with it (I didn't really but MAN! I wanted to)
give said chuck hugs for Aunt Courtney, who doesn't look like her either

vnhnkwy--old ladies without kids who know EVERYTHING about raising yours

Bryan said...

How does she say, "I want to go live with the Johnson's back in Michigan"?

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