Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Another Mouse Sighting....

Went into my bathroom to brush my teeth and hair and reached down for my hairbrush only to see a mouse under my sink. Screamed bloody murder and hubby came running, but by then the mouse is back to where it came.

time for a cat

a hungry one.

This time I am just mad.


ness said...

At 10:45 pm, the mouse made the fatal error of trying to hide by the doggy dish where it was inauspiciously bludgeoned to death by a broom weilded by the Right Reverend himself. The Right Reverend was duly rewarded for his heroics. The dog, as usual, had no comment.

bdbgkwwt: the last thing that went through the mouse's mind

Sara said...

that dog...what a chicken? No i think maybe a chicken would even attack a mouse.

ness said...

not chicken, oblivious.

klasieprof said...

Hexikizekial 7:4 "Do not be fooled my children, when one mouse dies. No INdeed Continue on said path of getting ferocious feline. For where one mouse exists, seven more also do. This is the law of mousedom and nature".

bejep: what a mouse has kicked out of it by said right rev. before he died.

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