Monday, December 12, 2005


No, this is not another post in the vein of the "postmodern obsession with excrement."

We are waging a battle with mice and I noticed that my spare rolls of toilet paper under the sink have already been used!

Though I have taken up a Tasha Tudor-like lifestyle here at Hollyhock House where animals of all kinds are welcome, I must draw the line at sharing my tp with rodents.


courtney said...

hey, that's better than work--there was poop ON the toilet. yeeh-ha!
truffle time is here again, la la la

klasieprof said...

Jeez I thought I just posted this..awwckk!!

Carbonated Soda

I saw this on TV just a few days ago. Put sweet, carbonated soda in a saucer and place where the mice can drink from it. The carbonization kills the mice; that way you won't have to use poisons or traps, especially if you have small children around.
Karen S

Instant Potatoes

I have a rather frugal option for getting rid of field mice that an old farmer told me about and it really does work: Use instant mashed potatoes; they are much cheaper and a lot safer than rat poisons. Place a few tablespoons where the mice are seen most often; try to keep them out of reach of the dog, just to be safe. The mice will eat the instant potatoes and die because the potatoes will expand in their stomachs before they can fully digest them. Most likely, the mice will die in the house if that is where they are living, but it's better to have dead mice than live ones! As for the dog and his/her intolerance of a cat: you may be very surprised! We now have 5 cats (1 indoor, 4 barn cats) and I would have never thought my dog would tolerate cats. She actually enjoys them and plays with them for hours. Since getting the cats, my mouse problem is over!

courtney said...

what happens if your kids eat the instant potatoes and explode? just kidding

ness said...

speaking of the animals, we pulled into our driveway and almost hit Hank, the horse : ) He was just hanging out, I guess, hoping for another carrot.

hpvlu: the flu you get from the flu shot.

Cathy said...

Tasha Tudor now that is a good reference.

ness said...

There are several TT fans in the group...thought you'd enjoy the reference.

Happy to say that we used steel wool to stop holes, two mouse traps, a block of poison and instant mashed potatoes and are poop-free this morning on all fronts. Score one for us!

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