Thursday, December 15, 2005

Some Vinny-isms

Vinny on fighting cartoons....."They aren't that silent."

Vinny on glowing in the dark...."My shirt glows up in the dark!"

Vinny on trash blowing in the yard...."We don't want to be glittering!"

Vinny on Apple Jack's "They say that's a balanced breakfast."

Vinny on time.."Spiderman is on at 7:00, 6 central."


Sara said...

wow!...i miss that kid. Let him and those other crazy kids know i love them..

One of my biggest fears is that they are going to forget about me

Josh P said...

I suddenly feel completely isolated from the real world. Vinny knows when spiderman is on and I don't. Please shoot me...

ness said...

Sara, they won't forget call every day : ) (and you better call tonight!!!)

I forgot:

Vinny on pork: "We are having porch chops tonight.....please pass those chop sticks..."

gkteeina: a little girl who is very excited.

jdub said...

There are very few things in the world that I can't finish because I was laughing so hard...these are six of them.

How could you forget pork chops. I think that is the funniest!

klasieprof said...

(of recent vintage:
MY sammich is sliding aparts.

There was not only one angel in the picture mom.there were MANY ANGLES (yes angles..LOL)

zlxoedy: the song of a xelephone

courtney said...

well, Dora is just learning to talk and one of our secret favorites is that she calls the fish "shits"
Last night she was talking in her sleep about "kittymeow" which was just the sweetest thing.
She has also learned the name of the dog next door so whenever he's out for a potty break, you can hear Dora say "sweetpea sweetpea doggie woof"

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