Monday, December 26, 2005

A New Kind of Christmas

Traditions are good, but someone once wisely said, "Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape." This year, we embraced flexibility as we experienced our first southern Christmas.

The first big change was the tree. Having spent many a day-after-Thanksgiving at Dad's store getting just the right tree for sometimes pleasant, sometimes grouchy families, I became quite a little snob about what made "just the right tree." For years now, I have dragged Robb to eleven-teen places to get it, but not so this year. Our hosts provided a tree and decorations that go with the house. Turns out we were right in style with our vintage aluminum tree.

Ones like it are selling for big bucks on ebay, and were featured in magazines like Country Living. It was certainly a change and I was none too sure what kind of decorations would look right on it, but we decided when all was said and done that just about anything gaudy would work and the kids got a big kick out of it. I bought a scented candle to replace the fresh smell of a Frasier Fir. I know I won't miss the real tree when the time comes to put it needles all through the house!

Another change was Christmas Eve...Every year, Robb has considered the Christmas Eve service as his gift to our church, and we both really missed it. This year, we attended the Christmas Eve service where we have been attending. It was very family friendly, which was good considering THAT BABY filled her diaper within ten minutes of the service starting and then proceeded to keep us busy for the next fourty minutes. I think we were mostly just relieved when we poured out of the building with the other 1,000 people without getting bitten, pooped on, or smeared with boogies.

Lastly, of course, there was no snow. In fact, we headed outside in the afternoon to play with Mattie's new soccer ball and Vin's new football. Today was nearly a record-breaker for heat. The kids pealed off their coats in the afternoon because they were just too hot. That is something to get used to, but it was very nice not to have to bundle up to go from store to store while we did some errands. And I'm certain that I bought Robb nicer presents this year because I wasn't stressed out by the kids leaving a wake of scarves, mittens, hats and coats in the aisles while I shopped.

All in all, it was a wonderful Christmas. I can't remember ever being so excited for the kids reactions. I cannot remember a Christmas Eve that I actually slept through the night (Robb says he was up three times with Vin, but I have no recollection of that). I did next to no baking, my shopping was done very early and we had no extended family with us. But I have had a much greater sense of what it is all about, even though I did forget to set out the Baby Jesus in the nativity set! I just enjoyed it, without the expectations of it being a tradition-filled holiday. It was easy to just thank God for all the ways he has met our needs and led us and blessed us.

Here are some other images for the Grandmas....

Country kids have to have boots!

Mattie's new jeans...

Bodies in motion tend to stay in motion....

Vin couldn't wait to do the mazes, his favorite!


klasieprof said...

HOW COOL!! Helena initially had some ladybug boots, we've uncovered ONE for joy , but boots and other JUST NEED TWO!

Had an extended Christmas..invited in some parents of Will' is VERY into a GREAT discussion about Christianity that Mostly Don handled. how cool is THAT>
Santa brought a lot of differnet stuff!! INCLUDING..some TEETH strip whiteners BY MAIL!!! After only 3 teeth are NOTICABLY whiter..WOW>..Great!!


ness said...

REaLLY! noticeably whiter???? Are you showing unwarranted enthusiasm here, or are you serious!!!!

: )

Vin wanted to know if they could step in the horse poop now.

uaeri: my typical set of scrabble letters

ness said...

I miss you guys too, btw. I thought I said that already, but I'm glad you got your presents. ((HUUGGS)))

courtney said...

those kids look pretty in their new pj's too! (hope they actually fit).
thank you so much for the gifts--got to use my new oven pads right away for cinnamon rolls and we've been guzzeling great coffee for the past few days--Ron says thank you. The horse and Maid Meriam have taken many a nap with Dora in the past few days and she's a happy girl.
we love you--call soon. I need your new digits.

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