Monday, December 26, 2005


It is typical for toddlers to develop unusual fears, but I must admit I never saw this one coming....Vinny got this little toy for Charleigh's Christmas present. It is Dora The Explorer, for those of you who don't have little ones, and this particular one is made of some kind of soft stuff and covered with sticky know the kind you used to get in a cereal box and you throw it against the wall and it rolls down all gross and slimy? Very endearing little thing, huh?

Charleigh took one look at this thing and FREAKED OUT! She screamed in terror...I don't know what she thought it would do....and for the rest of the day had to check in occassionaly to see where THAT THING was. She would point at it and say, "D..D...D...??? No no no no no!"

Maybe I'm a terrible mom, but I just couldn't resist capturing her response on video!


jdub said...

That is crazy...looks interested then screams and runs away crazy...

V, I found this video at a family Christmas party yesterday. I think that you'll appreciate it!

On ebay

klasieprof said...

OMGOSH!!! I swear I think that ARM holding the doll has a six inch hair on it!!!

ness said...

Hey J! I didn't know you had a blog. You better write something...I'll be obsessively checking it. Tell Shari HI for me. I miss you guys.

I once heard that song while researching on ebay....somebody had it written into their html....I was pretty impressed. I like the video, though....especially the vintage tube socks! I know I have a problem when the picture of the garage sale has me squinting to see what was there.

D, you don't miss a thing. Wow, if only I had your eyesight. At least my teeth will be white too.

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klasieprof said...

umm...ok what does it say that i can't stop obsessively watching this video..laughing every time..and just WISHING it had sound to it!!! LOL


ness said...

They just opened a coffee shop up at the exit and they have free wireless....more videos to come, I promise!!!!

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