Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Why eBay isn't any fun anymore....

So, I got an alert in my MY EBAY page telling me that four of my auctions had been suspended because I failed to submit to the Paypal usage agreement. Turns out, it is now illegal to state that you don't take credit cards, but that they can just do a cash transfer via paypal. The reason that it is a big deal is that lots of people like to use a cash transfer and it is really easy and just comes right out of your bank an E-Check. But if you upgrade to a Premiere account and take credit cards, Paypal (a subsidiary of eBay) gets 2.5 percent of the amount of every transaction, PLUS a flat rate fee for using the service. Take my little clothes auctions today...I would have lost the nearly 5 percent to ebay with fees, listing etc, plus another 2.5 percent to paypal, plus what it cost in the first's an absolute waste of time and energy. I'm so annoyed. Add to that a couple of really lousy customers I've had recently, and quite isn't much fun anymore. Too bad I went to a flea market and came home with four boxes of junk to sell. I feel like just chucking the whole dumb thing.


Courtney said...

NO NO NO--let me go through them first!!! :) it's the same ol' a better mousetrap and somebody else will figures out how to become a millionaire from it.

ness said...

I am literally having the worst day in ebay history: I got a negative from a lady who I RETURNED HER MONEY! I wished I kept the money becuase I'd have the negative but I'd still have the stinkin' cash.

was up half the night fretting about the house in MI and woke up to this junk....

not having a good day friends.

A said...

So, have you fired your pseudo-realtor yet?

Seriously, as they say on Grey's Anatomy, seriously!

It is time. Fire her, start over. I could have sold that house by now.

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Elizabeth said...

Vanessa, are you checking to see how hard your realtor is working on showing your house? Because A-s right, maybe she isn't motivated enough. I wish that my agents were out there...they work really hard to sell homes. The biggest reason out here for homes not selling is because the price is too high. How's your price? Have you compared it with other homes that have sold recently in the area?

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ness said...

I don't think I can fire her, based on the fact that she has shown the house a couple of times and I suppose it's not entirely her fault that Ithaca's economy sux. Price wise, I think it is just about right...all that woodwork has to be worth somthing, right? After posting, I called her and she has shown it twice in the last week. The first people are waiting for their house to sell (good luck, Suckers) and the other people wanted to look at some other places to check their options.

Okay, so then something weird happened. Along with this being a rotten day on ebay, the TV stopped getting ANY channels. I mean like home shopping networks and a couple of other annoying channels, but nothing else. So out of complete desperation, I called our hosts: Somehow in the conversation, She mentioned that they would probably be willing to sell this house to us.

yeah, just let that one sit for a minute.

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jdub said...

So, here is a little sympothy. Mom is trying to sell her house too, and got curious and found that she's signed a contract to have her house on the realitors website...and it hasn't been there. It hasn't been there for SIX MONTHS!!! Needless to say she's now looking for renters!

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A said...

Ok, showing it a couple times isn't enough. When I listed my house in Alma with Century 21, we had at least a dozen showings in the first 2-3 weeks. From what you guys have said, she's only shown it a half dozen times in two months. That is not acceptable.

I know the market is rough up there, but you're not going to catch any fish if you aren't dipping the lure in fish infested water.

Not to be a completely wet blanket, but before you get to excited about making the hollyhock house permenant, give yourself some time before you settle for what seems easy. It is a long drive from there to where the real center of life is ultimately going to be if Vintage takes root in Fayetteville. There are lots of places with all the things you like about the H house down this direction without the long drive, cattle guard gate, or the ants.

I know it is easy to begin to think in terms of "a bird in the hand . . . " when things are rough, but I think God's got a buyer in Ithaca for your house and a non-ant infested country cottage already lined up in the outskirts of Fayetteville for you. You just might need a different "advocate" in the hinterland of MI to get that person into their new house!

ness said...

A, I know you are right. But part of what one worries about at night is that come January 2, we'll have no place to go and I'll be clutching my three little babies and my sad ebay crap, living in a van down by the river. Not a very faith filled image of course, but a real fear just the same. It's good to know that they like us and wouldn't mind having us around a little longer if necessary. And, I really do like it here, gate, ants, and all.

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Elizabeth said...

i agree. the realtor should be having open houses every week...and should be advertising it...especially a house like yours which has a lot of character.

Elizabeth said...

something like the livingroom window is a big item that should be used to advantage to peek people's interest--does this agent have ANY creativity???

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