Wednesday, November 09, 2005

okay, so maybe it's a little bit fun

I was at a flea market today digging through boxes of stuff and came across a pair of dentures. Thought about screaming and jumping around all freaked out and then my "higher" nature ruled and I bought them. I figured they were probably pretty expensive in the first place and maybe they would be a cool novelty item to sell. I can't actually bring myself to touch them, which will make them hard to list.


Elizabeth said...

i would use them to pull a prank on robb

ljjkaznj: the noise an old woman makes when she's rolling the dentures around in her mouth and can't get them in the right spot

ness said...

I don't have to prank him... all I have to say is that I have them and he gets the willies.

zzcjdbet: the feeling of someone else's teeth

klasieprof said...

OK I can't let this pass without telling htis story. I grew up in First Baptist MT Pleasant, and we had an "old timey" eveangelist..I'll try and think of his name...and he was preaching I think at AWANA..we were in chairs, and he was screaming (which with Mark Mitchell we were not really used to), and his TEETH Came FLYING OUT right at me (I was in the Front row)...and he CAUGHT them in mid air...put them back in without missing a BEAT!!
ostkp: cage for an ostrich

Sara said...


I am laughing so hard right guys are hilarious!

ness said...

My mom sent this little gem...

"I heard a story about a woman who after her Mom and Dad died, she used all of their false teeth for Christmas tree decorations ....she shellacked them and put strings on them and then passed them out to her sisters and brothers for a gift.."

oh my.

At Robb's church, growing up, a man sneezed during the singing and his teeth flew out and under two pews ahead of him. A first time visitor picked them up and gave them back to him.

I don't remember who used to ask Grandma to take out her teeth. Was that you, Ash? What a parlour trick!

Court, you remember when Grandma Mattocks scraped Grandpa's teeth into the garbage by mistake and we found them outside?

igfsva: Ukranian for dentures.

Did Grandpa have false teeth or just Grandma????

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