Saturday, November 05, 2005

How Ants Keep House

We have an out of control ant problem here at Hollyhock House. I killed on crawling on Robb's back in bed this morning. I frequently find them crawling up my arm where my hand has been resting on the mouse while I sit at the computer. And of course, they are all over my kitchen counters. I had to fight them back when I made cookies last week.

But, I will say this....Having ants everywhere keeps me from ever leaving the dirty dishes. And I sweep the floors religiously every day. We don't eat in front of the tv (too many crummies). And I wash the kids toothpaste out of their sink twice a day.

If it weren't for the ants, I'd probably go back to my slovenly ways. So, even though I bought some 7-dust yesterday, I think I'll wait another week or two until my habits are formed before I kill all those industrious little buggers.


Josh Powers said...

Go to the ants, thou sluggard.. before they come to you!

ash said...

we get ants in the house every time the weather all three places we've lived so far...terro works wonders, but make sure syd doesn't find it...i thought it was going to kill murphy the one day i found him with the little peice of cardboard in his mouth....but it didn't (neither did the quarter, the christmas bulb, the christmas ornament wire or the sewing needle.....yet.) but i digress...

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