Friday, August 29, 2014

Just Nine Months

How amazing that a person who weighs just 7 or 8 pounds could incite a household into so much change and activity!  These past nine months have been spent arranging and rearranging to absorb all that a tiny human could possibly require.  As I wait for her arrival, I am finally taking the time to look back over these crazy months and show what got accomplished.

note: carpet on the floor, tiny little belly, and my hair still red

First glimpses

morning sickness and weird food cravings and aversions

a real belly shot

And did I mention, morning sickness?  Gah.
Finally feeling better so it was out on a date to eat a gigantic steak at Hermans!     

The projects start: Job one...this burned up dryer needs attention quickly!

These two are on the job! 

And now the dryer is safe and functional!

Now it's time to work in the garden: I finally feel well enough to tackle last year's pampas grass.

Tomatoes and peppers tucked into their beds

Patio clean and ready to use.

19 weeks...aka, "the cute stage."
My guys remove this too-small linen closet, patch the holes, paint and....

add wall to wall shelves to hold my vintage Etsy store stock. 

Robb assembles the pool
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The rotten gates finally get some attention

I add bead-board paneling to the bar

and hit the 6 month mark

Our 14 year old Dodge Caravan bites the dust to be replaced by this Honda Odyssey  
the gates are finally finished

so we can stop chasing the dogs.

I finally try out Annie Sloane Chalk Paint and fall in love

I use "Graphite" on the bottom and "Old White" on the top cabinets, plus two coats of wax.

I cleaned and rearranged all of the kids rooms

This does not look like this now, but it was nice while it lasted.

Bright and sunshiny, just like her.

And I was tired. 
Our dear friends Donny and Matthew spent the 4th of July cutting a door in this wall for the nursery

They built a wall to create a new closet and added an electrical outlet and fixed the light switch

Meanwhile, I added a mosaic to my backsplash made from the leftover white dishes from various projects

And I made a lemon pie from scratch. Matthew was outside blowing things up with my children at this point of the night.

I paint the kids bathroom, and hang towel racks, but they still live like cavemen up there.

Robb puts in a heroic effort, laying the flooring in our room, which has been stripped of carpet since he put up the pool back in May

We celebrate our 18th wedding anniversary
Our bedroom turns out great!

The kitchen is mostly done (still have half a backsplash to finish...shhhh!)

And the nursery is painted, stocked, decorated and ready.

Now, if I could just get this kid out....


Anonymous said...

great blog! So fun to see the 9 months in pictures.. you have to be the most productive pregnant woman I've ever known! You go, Mamma! So excited for you and your family and can't wait to see pictures of your little girl!
Ruth Ann

Annie Coppock said...

LOVE this! In that time I've worked and worked and worked and kept the utilities on but haven't done the projects or the tiny human creation that you have. I confess I am insanely jealous! Also, my brain has spontaneously come up with one and only one name for your baby all along which I'm sure will not the be name you choose and I will have to spend the rest of time trying to get her name right. Just warning you. So excited for her arrival! Much love to you!

Life with Kaishon said...

You might be the most adorable pregnant girl in the Universe. Seriously. I am so excited for you. I wish you all the best with your tiny new bundle.

Into Vintage said...

So fun to see this glimpse into your world. Amazed at how much you accomplished. I need to get crackin'!

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