Thursday, February 23, 2012


One of the single most powerful things I do each week is listen to the Moth podcast.  The Moth is "true stories, told live without notes."   You can find it on iTunes. It's free. Recently, you may have noticed The Moth on public radio. I always forget to turn on the radio, so I don't know when it's on, but on iTunes, you get a new story each week.

What I love about The Moth is that I hear from people that I would never get to meet in real life.  Some of the stories are funny, some are sad, some are full of curse words, and some are "clean."   I listen to them all.  Because I find people's stories really interesting. I love thinking about what it would be like to be inside that person's life, to see the world through their eyes.  I think listening to those stories helps me to be a more thoughtful person.  It's hard to hate and fear groups of people when you just listen to what their lives are like, how they grew up, what they find funny, what they fear.

And really, I can't help but think that anything that has me listening more, is a good thing.

Read more about The Moth here.
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