Thursday, October 27, 2011

It's All Too Much....

....for a facebook status. 

So here is a list, in no particular order, of random bits of news you might want to know:

1. Robb has some great job leads. Thanks to some of his great friends.

2. I changed the name of my Etsy shop from Vintagebutterfly94 (which was a terrible name...TERRIBLE)  to The Classic Butterfly.  This has produced a chain reaction of facepalms as I realize how many incarnations I can be found under on the interwebs. And none of the names are consistent.  I suck at consistency. Marketing genius, I am not. 

3. Whatever. I'm starting a new etsy shop devoted just to mosaics.  Want to submit an idea for a name of that shop? 

4. It's freezing cold and raining here today.  It will be warmer tomorrow.  To avoid turning on the heat, I shall clean my oven.  Because I'm just that brilliant.

5.  I restocked both my flea market booths yesterday.  You should go and check them out because I put some good stuff in there. 

6. Yesterday, I purchased a taxidermy fish.  Because, really, why WOULDN'T I?

7. We've been watching The Wonder Years with the kids. 

8. I applied to two art shows this morning:  Artini and The Little Craft Show.

9. I have a birthday card I purchased for my sister in law before her birthday, which was over a week ago.  I don't have the right address to send it to her. I can get that with one phone call, but I haven't had a minute.  Do I send it or save it for next year?

10. I have lost my earbuds. Earbuds, if you are reading this...come back to me. Please. I need you in my life more than you know.  We don't even have to talk about where you have been all this time. I don't care. I just want you back. And I'm worried about you. Picturing you out in this's driving me crazy.  Please.  Just tell me where you are and I will come get you. No questions asked.

11. Today, with news of a giant Legoman washing ashore in Florida circulating, I am making a Legoman costume for Vin. And a paperdoll costume for Mattie. And a Tinkerbell costume for Chuck.  I have a lot of making to do.

12. I finished cleaning and organizing the garage.  Is it weird that I like to just go out there and walk around all four sides of the van and think, "I ROCK at stacking stuff!"

13. I made baked oatmeal for breakfast yesterday with blueberry syrup. Gluten free, full of fiber and antioxidants and it tastes like pie.  Awesome, much?

14. I feel weird stopping at 13.

15. Vin has a girlfriend. (Shhhhh.  Don't tell him I told you.)  I should have stopped at 14, but I have weird number issues.


Staftastic said...

I'm going to try really hard to not mention the vin-has-a-girlfriend thing. Really.

Gingiber said...

Like Button.

Ness said...

Adam, Touche'

Ashley (leeloo) said...

I will be so mad at you if you waste one more second thinking about that birthday card. Knowing that I can call you "sister" is gift enough. (PS. Your BROTHER didn't get me a card, and I didn't mind. So seriously. No more thinking about it.)

Love and miss you and am so excited for you guys.

Mosaic shop names: Shattered Dreams, Bits and Pieces, Wowsaic, Trees for the Forest.


Resisting the urge to comment on all 15! Would that be just WAY too obnoxious?


I'll allow myself just one: #9 - go ahead and send it late or you'll fret all year. Also, sending cards and gifts late extends the event and, by example, takes tremendous time pressure off others. My birthmom sent last year's Christmas gifts to us in late September this year. We were thrilled and are now relieved to forever be off the timeliness hook with her (and hopefully with others who might receive late gifts with the same delight that we did)!

Into Vintage said...

I am begging you to come to my house and get me organized.


PS I tried to change the name of one of my etsy shops and the name was already taken but no shop existed. So now some inactive etsy person has 'my' shop name. Oh well.


Aw, heck! Why not?
1. Yay for Robb's job prospects!
2. "Vintage Butterfly" (minus 94)gets my vote.
3. "Vintage Butterfly" again.
4. You are brilliant and I'll bet the oven is brilliantly clean by now!
5. Your booths look great! Wish I'd been there when you were!
6. Hooray for taxidermy!
7. Your kids are very "Wonder Years"!
8. Yay for craft shows!
9. Commented previously.
10. I always martyr myself and give my earbuds to my girls.
11. Very creative costumes! Wondering how you will go about making these.
12. Jealous of your stacking ability but even more jealous that you can get a car in the garage!
13. Yum! Need that recipe!
14. I get that about #13!
15. I am overly fascinated with my daughers' boyfriends/crushes.

Hope I didn't just get myself banned from your blog!

Sara said...

We have a dry erase board with prayer requests on it and "Robb's future job" is on that exciting to see God already at work.

I would love that gluten free recipe I have a friend that has Celiac Disease and she's always looking for tasty recipes.

I'm beginning to think that Calvin has forgotten that he already proposed to me years ago...but he must have figured that since I got married to someone else that I must have said "No"

Mother B said...

I think all of youse guys are about as cute as cute can be!!!!

Life with Kaishon said...

You are really interesting : )

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