Friday, December 10, 2010

This is the Good Stuff

Here I am with my best 11 year old girl-friend, Mattie.  She and I labored over cool outfits for a bit before heading out last night to Fayetteville's annual progressive shopping party.  Small local businesses, including the Heartwood Gallery chip in for a couple of limos to take folks door to door around the downtown.  There are food and drinks and you end up going to places you never would go otherwise.   We had a blast, eating and shopping our way through town.  (I guess you can still call it shopping even if you don't buy anything just then?)  And somehow, we even managed to get ourselves left at the square after nine o'clock when our car was parked in the mill district. Fortunately, I made a call to my friends at the gallery and they sent the limo back for us!  This is good for the local economy, and great for moms and daughters to have a special chance to be together and remind one another that we are a mutual admiration society.

Apparently, we looked like money, as one jeweler had us try on a 1300.00 diamond ring. Ha ha!


Gingiber said...

I am wearing that exact yellow scarf at this very moment! I wonder if we compared closets how similar they would be? Great taste! You both look uber cool!

Jess said...

your post convinced me to buy my oldest the cowboy boots she wants so badly. :) big thank you to your daughter from mine.

betty crocker said...

I have boots-can I come next year?
you guys look awesome and I'm so glad you are finding fun things to do together

word ver: lasplat hahaha

Into Vintage said...

Your daughter has so much personal style - love that! Happy Holidays to all of you. :-)

Keri said...

The good stuff, indeed! Glad you had fun! :-)

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