Thursday, November 04, 2010


I recently started on a little kick trying to re-collect all of Lucy Maud Montgomery's books.  When my sisters and I were growing up and Anne of Green Gables was made into a movie shown on PBS, I escaped earth and met up with my true self in her novels.  I think back now on how my ideas about adopting orphans and understanding human nature were formed in her stories, and I realize anew how much Montgomery's work meant to me.   We girls slowly collected all of the paperbacks that were printed at that time, I think nearly all of her work.  When we left home, we agreed to separate the books among us; me taking the Anne series of 8 books and the three Emily books, my sisters taking all the ancillary stories and collected works.  Now, I've been hankering to read the other stories since Mattie is old enough to enjoy them with me. 

Imagine my extreme excitement to find out that a printing of her books were done through the Ryerson Press.  Ryerson is the Canadian branch of my husband's family who settled there after the Revolutionary War since they were Tories.  Having both Montgomery and Ryerson on the spine of these books couldn't make me happier.

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