Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Roundtable Discussion

....with Mattie, Vin and Charleigh....

"When I grow up my studio will have a mural.  And a balcony.  One wall will be a mural and you will cover a wall with a mosaic, Mom." declared Mattie.

"And hardwood floors."  She added over Charleigh's "My studio will have carpet."

Charleigh continued, "My studio will be like outside at night. And one wall will be like stars. And one wall will be God.  And there will be a cross."

Mattie added, "One wall will be full of pictures of my childhood."

Vin chimed in with "Mine will be a vintage log cabin. And it will be messy. And I will write books there on an old typewriter." 

"A vintage log cabin? Really?" Mattie asked scornfully.  "YES!  It will be a log cabin!" Vin retorted. 

And then Mattie added that her ceiling would be purple.  "Because I hate purple. But it would be a reminder to get along with people I don't like. That they are like...that it's ok that I don't like's pretty to some people."

"Mom, I don't want to wear glasses." Charleigh interjected.  "Why do people wear glasses?"

"Hey Mom?" Vin's standard introduction to the world of his thoughts, "You know how God says to love your enemies?  Does that mean that God loves Satan?  Cause the Devil is God's enemy right?" 

And then I have to stop and think very hard.  And I choose to answer the glasses question....because that one I can handle tonight over my plate of leftovers. That other question of Vin's...will have to wait until his Daddy is home.


Dogeared said...

Oh I love those tiny Ryerse's :)

ash said...

uhm. that's awesome.

i had a little girl ask me the other day is lessons why the words of Jesus are in red in the bible, but when God speaks in the old testament, they aren't.....

ask robb about that one too.

Sara said...

so do we get to hear robb's answer to vin's question


Hey! On my iphone your blog comes up as www.happinessisabutt! It doesn't do you blog the justice it deserves but it cracks me up every time! Just thought I'd share the laugh with you!

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