Friday, October 29, 2010

The Deed is Done

In preparation for our fourth annual Book Character Day (in lieu of flat out Halloween at school)
Vin had a pretty specific idea in mind for his costume. It's not a surprise.  But I felt like I needed to take some very focused pictures that could some day pretty momentous know....when he graduates from West Point.

(the other two, by the way....Chuck is getting ears at school to be one of the 101 Dalmatians and Mattie is obviously a fashion designer, duh.)

My Dad.
He broke the clippers and probably my heart.

Oh be still my heart. This boy.  They say for every boy you have, they take two years off their mother's life.   This little over-achiever is probably taking four.


Keri said...

Girl, that boy!! I see so much of both of you just in his pictures. Talk about a drastic cut-- he looks great either way. Love my boys, 2 years each?? sheesh, I'm in trouble.

12-arrows said...

let me see. . . .that would be 20 years for me! its so worth it!

What a handsome little guy. . . my boys phase in and out of long hair, but I do prefer the short cuts just shows off all their beautiful facial features!

Your girls. . . absolutely adorable! Aren't we just BLESSED?

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