Thursday, September 23, 2010


I found this large Victorian framed poem yesterday at my favorite thrift store.  After my second night in a row of insomnia,  I read the verses through this morning and knew that I will love keeping this for my own house.  It says,

"Hitherto hat the LORD helped us. - 1 Sam 7. 18

The Lord hath brought us hitherto
By his surpassing favor
His mercies every morn were new
His kindess did not waver,
God hiterhto has been our guide
Hast pleasures hitherto supplied,
And hitherto hath helped us.

We praise and thank Thee Lord, our God
For thine abundant blessing,
Which hitherto Thou hast bestowed
And we are still posssessing.
Inscribe it on our memory,
That thou hast helped us graciously
And hast done great things for us.

Help us in future, God of grace
Help us on each occasion,
Help us in each and every place
Help us through Jesus passion
Help us in life and death, O God,
Help us through Jesus, dying blood,
Help us as thou hast helped us. "
-Aug.Crull Trst



Jess said...

tearful, choked up... sorry about your insomnia. are you wondering around the house at night watching your loved ones sleep? i do that. :)

Tally said...

That is definitely a keeper. What a treasure!

Anonymous said...

........that was my grandfather's favorite hymn!

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