Thursday, September 09, 2010

Dear Debbie Dusenberry,

I have had a crush on you since your first article in Country Living.  I'm so happy you are opening an online store.  How can I get a job buying stock for your shop?  I can't seem to get any press for my etsy shop, so maybe we could just team up. What do you think?  Its seems like win-win to me!  Did you see my post about finding all the white stuff?   I could totally be your antique scout in Arkansas.

Very sincerely yours,
Vanessa Ryerse


Dogeared said...

The address on her website says she's in Kansas. So I took the liberty of doing a little mapquesting. Apparently it will only take us 3hrs 40mins to get there from your house. But I took the liberty of having all the coffee shops along the way highlighted so I'm thinking add on at least an extra half hour/45mins. So we should be able to get there in about 4.5hrs. Pack up all that cool white stuff and we'll just go ask her in person! :)

Mother B said...

Can you take a little side trip and come up to Pennsylvania and pick me up........I'll pay for the gas the rest of the way?

Anonymous said...

Hooray for Dogeared's wonderful plan! Do it!

And OMG! I am totally IN LOVE with her button necklace/bracelet! I'm going home to get out my grandmother's button jar!

Annie Coppock

Curious Sofa said...

Wow Vanessa, I am 5 years late but thank you for posting this about me. I just found it!! I have since closed my store but recently starting selling inside a larger, once a month venue: Top Hat Mercantile. Maybe someday you can come see me there.
Thanks again!

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